God of War Ragnarok player flattens Valkyrie Queen in 26 seconds without taking damage

God of War Ragnarok photo mode
(Image credit: PlayStation)

A God of War Ragnarok player has toppled Valkyrie Queen Gna in 26 seconds without taking any damage whatsoever.

The player in question can be seen just below (thanks, TheGamer), and they really go ham on the Valkyrie Queen. The player has Kratos using his Leviathan Axe, combined with an onslaught of Sigil arrows from Freya to keep the bloodlust of Gna at bay.

The Gift of Strength and the Soulless Warrior boons are doing some heavy lifting in this fight, as is the shield the player uses to parry Gna's attacks effortlessly. There are barely any attacks to parry in this clip, though, because the 26 seconds of fighting are dominated by Kratos going on the offensive.

This can no doubt make anyone who spent hours toppling Gna feel infinitely worse about their accomplishment. Gna is, without a doubt, one of, if not the single hardest bosses in God of War Ragnarok, and the game's narrative certainly bigs her up as an imposing challenger.

If you want to get your Ragnarok gameplay up to this level, you'll want to focus on getting your shield parries down pat. Otherwise, the dodge attack combo is putting in a shift here, with the player using it to close the distance between Kratos and Gna whenever the latter retreats, and dealing some heavy damage in the process.

Last month, someone managed to down King Hrolf Kraki in 25 seconds, an equally staggering feat to the one we're now seeing with Valkyrie Queen Gna.

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