GhostWire: Tokyo is going to haunt your sleep with this disturbing new trailer

Ghostwire: Tokyo
(Image credit: Tango Gameworks)

GhostWire: Tokyo got its first new trailer since E3 2021 at the PlayStation showcase, and it showed off a pretty extensive look at the deadly enemies you'll be facing throughout the game.

Just earlier today on September 9, GhostWire: Tokyo received its first new trailer in a fair while, since it was originally delayed from launching this year in 2021 to releasing instead in 2022. Although we got a brand new look at the Tango Gameworks project, including ghostly and demonic enemies rampaging through the streets of Tokyo, there unfortunately wasn't a new release date to go on, so there's no clear inclination of when GhostWire: Tokyo will actually launch.

GhostWire: Tokyo has long been near the top of our list of most-anticipated upcoming PS5 games, which is especially amusing now that Tango Gameworks' parent company Bethesda is owned by Microsoft. The game is still set to come exclusively to PS5 and PC, just like Deathloop from Tango's sibling studio Arkane.

Tango is breaking from its third-person horror roots with GhostWire: Tokyo, instead placing players in the first-person perspective of a human survivor. Just one percent of the massive metropolis' population remains, though Tokyo is far from deserted as it's now occupied by uncanny ghosts and other supernatural threats. Players will develop their magic powers (all invoked through intricate hand gestures - no guns needed for this kind of first-person shooting) as they explore the city and try to discover the cause of the mass disappearance.

We can't wait to see if GhostWire: Tokyo earns a spot on our list of the best horror games. 

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