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Ghost of Tsushima observe leader: How to earn points towards new stances

Ghost of Tsushima how to observe leaders
(Image credit: Sony)

Knowing how to observe leaders in Ghost of Tsushima is crucial during the first act of the game so you can unlock all four stances. Ghost of Tsushima doesn't give any hints or tips to how this works though, so you're left to figure it out for yourself. Which can be tricky if you get the attention of the camp... so if you're wondering how the Ghost of Tsushima observe leader mechanic works and how to complete the bonus objectives, read on.

How to observe leaders in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima how to observe leaders

(Image credit: Sony)

To observe a leader in Ghost of Tsushima, you first have to find them. Usually, when you're presented with this bonus objective, the leader will be somewhere training, practicing his sword swings. Try your utmost to search the camp stealthily, because if you're spotted, you run the risk of alerting the leader with the sound of you mercilessly slaughtering his men.

When you find the leader, you need to stay hidden. There'll likely be some pampas grass you can crouch in nearby. Then when you're looking at him, you'll be given a button prompt to hold down R2. Completing this will observe the leader from a distance and essentially double the stance points you'll obtain from that camp, because you'll be given more once you kill him.

Observing the leader is a great way to deal with the leader early too. You can't assassinate him from behind, but you can deal a serious amount of damage to him with the same method. Kill him and if you've been efficient, hopefully the rest of the camp still won't know you're there, by which point you can deal with the lesser enemies. Take out most of the Mongol camps in the first act and observe all the leaders to have most of the stances unlocked ready for Act 2.

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