Get your first (blurry, far away) look at Bryan Cranston as Zordon in Power Rangers

A Power Rangers virtual reality experience is set to debut in Las Vegas tomorrow, January 5, as part of the Consumer Electronics Show convention. But an image taken on the show floor has already given us the sneakiest of peeks at a hitherto unseen character: Zordon. It's blurry and he's a fair distance away, but you can see his unmistakable glow in the image below, from fan site Power Rangers Now:

It may not be a particularly clear look at the character - who will be played by Bryan Cranston - but it does tell us a few things. First and foremost, unlike the movie's villain Rita Repulsa, Zordon doesn't seem to be getting a major visual overhaul; he's still a floating head, just like we all remember. It's harder to tell if he's still confined to a single tube, or if he can project his image like a hologram.

But if a VR experience is set to debut tomorrow, I imagine a new trailer (one hopefully giving us a proper introduction) can't be far behind.

Directed by Dean Israelite and starring Naomi Scott, Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, and Elizabeth Banks, the Power Rangers movie will be released in UK and US cinemas on March 24, 2017.

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