Get some GT HD footage ASAP

Gran Turismo HD - PS3's high definition visual makeover of last year's GT4 - has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently, but check the Movies tab above for some replay footage that might put it in a better light.

The series has always been famous for those replay sequences, right back to the original PlayStation version. While the footage from that game looks just a little bit less photo-realistic these days, you'll have to do a double-take (probably at those slightly eerily inhuman spectators) to tell GT HD apart from the real thing.

Whether that's enough to get you to shell out for a shinier, faster version of a PS2 game is another matter, but hopefully there'll be enough under the hood in its final version to stop us wishing developer Polyphony would just move on to Gran Turismo 5 already.

October 30, 2006