Grab a SNES edition New 3DS XL for 25% off ($149) before this Amazon deal ends

Nintendo 3DS Amazon Prime day deal

Nintendo 3DS is still going strong, and now you can save $50 on a very nice new system thanks to a deal on Amazon. This Super Nintendo Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL is painstaking crafted to remind you of the good ol' SNES days. Not only does this limited-edition design make the 3DS system look like a Super Nintendo (just seeing those purple, concave "Power" and "Reset" buttons makes me feel warm, even if they're just painted on), it also comes with a download of Super Mario Kart. So it kind of is a Super Nintendo, at least in a metaphysical sense.

Get $50 off a New 3DS XL Super NES Edition with Super Mario Kart: Dive into the best portable gaming system out there, all coated in delicious SNES-stalgia for $149.99.

You can pick this 3DS up for $149.99, a $50 saving from its standard $199.99 price. Over more than seven years on the market, Nintendo 3DS has built up one of the best game libraries of any system. As this SNES skin suggests, there's a bunch of nostalgia-friendly stuff available on the console - spruced up or totally rebuilt Nintendo classics like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D or Metroid: Samus Returns, not to mention the newly released WarioWare Gold. There are ample original games available as well; check out the Bravely Default series if you need your next JRPG fix.

As for the console itself, there are a bunch of different kinds of 3DS out there. This system in question is a New Nintendo 3DS XL, which is the most capable version available, complete with a very cool glasses-free 3D effect in supported games. Don't worry, you can enable, disable, or tweak the effect whenever you like via a physical slider.

The "New" moniker denotes that this system has more powerful innards, which is required for demanding games like Xenoblade Chronicles. Another great option if you know you don't like the 3D feature is Nintendo 2DS XL - but 2DS XL isn't available with this slick SNES design! I mean, the back even looks like it has a big cartridge slot on it, so it looks like a full-on SNES when you have it opened up. Tough to argue with that. 

If you want to start playing your way through a stupefyingly deep and high-quality portable gaming library for the first time - or upgrade an old system - you really ought to give this 3DS XL deal a look. 

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