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Get a monitor deal at Amazon right now with the BenQ discounts on some great panels

Get a monitor deal at Amazon right now with the BenQ discounts on some great panels
(Image credit: BenQ)

If you've been shopping around for a monitor deal then these BenQ offerings might be perfect for you. There are price cuts across BenQ's monitor range at Amazon today with a few standouts being choice contenders for those looking for a screen upgrade or for those on the lookout for a second monitor for your setup.

BenQ makes some of the best gaming monitors going, and one or two of these highlights  - to their close relations make our top picks. 

Firstly, one of our favorites, the curved BenQ EX3203R gaming monitor is now down to $479.99 which is a bargain - a saving of $220 - for a great curved panel that will draw you into games and entertainment with its pleasing form. 

If you're after a 4K monitor then you have two great options available to you: the 32-inch BenQ EW3270U which will take up a bit of desk real-estate, but will be perfect for a roomy desktop for work, ideal for a console-at-a-desk setup, and will make your TV and films shine with its HDR too - this is down a massive $249 to $449.99; or you can go a bit smaller and get the 28-inch EL2870U 4K monitor which is at $299.99 right now, a saving of just under $200, and will give you a great 4K monitor that has a rapid 1ms response time and includes FreeSync support too. These two would give the best 4K monitors for gaming a run for their money, in terms of straight-up value at these prices. The last highlight is something slightly sway from gaming but a monitor that retains the gaming chops. Let me explain. For $649.99 - a reduction of 28% - the EX3501R monitor offers an ultrawide option for anyone who games, creates, works, and designs in one setup and wants a monitor to handle it all. It's a 35-inch beast with an ultrawide 1440p resolution and offers gaming specs such as 100Hz refresh rate and FreeSync.

If there is to be an Amazon Prime Day deals event this year, then I'm not sure we'd see quite the same prices even then.

Gaming monitor deals

BenQ EX3203R curved gaming monitor | VA 1440p | 144Hz 4ms | $699.99 $479.99 at Amazon
An absolute no-brainer if you're after a well-crafted, excellent monitor. Saving $220 of its list price is a great cut to take advantage of and it's a great curved monitor for everything, let alone just gaming.View Deal

BenQ EW3270U gaming monitor | VA 4K | 60Hz 1ms | $699 $449.99 at Amazon
If you're looking for a sizeable 4K monitor, then the BenQ EW3270U is a terrific screen. It's a full 32-inches in size, offers that lovely 4K resolution and throws in HDR too. A bargain at this price.View Deal

BenQ EL2870U 4K monitor | VA 4K | 60Hz 1ms | $499 $299.99 at Amazon
BenQ's range of accessible and affordable 4K monitors are some of our favorites. When they come in at this price, it's hard to not recommend to someone - for work or play use - who is looking for a glorious 4K screen.View Deal

BenQ EX3501R curved monitor | VA 1440p Ultrawide | 100Hz 4ms | $899 $649.99 at Amazon
If you're a creator and want a big old ultra-widescreen for productivity, creation, and design then this is the BenQ monitor for you. It's got great gaming chops too so makes the ideal do-it-all ultra-wide monitor.View Deal

To complete your research, it's wise to check out the best G-Sync monitor you can get for your budget, but also the best G-Sync compatible FreeSync monitors that might be worth considering for your setup too.

If you need a screen upgrade then you can read up more on how these fare against the best gaming TVs here. And, if you want to make the most of the higher-end, 4K monitors, you'll need something akin to the best gaming PC .

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