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Get a load of the new 300 trailer

We know how it is on a Friday morning. You’re trying to stay awake in front of the computer, counting the hours until the day is done and it’s the weekend. A new age of freedom!

Sorry, we’re a bit excited because there’s a new 300 trailer on the magical innertubes. Loaded up with everything to make your Friday morning sing – roaring music, massive battles, Lena Headey looking like sex on a stick (and Gerard Butler in a thong for the ladies) – all seen through the stylised eye of comics genius Frank Miller and clearly-over-caffeinated director Zack Snyder. It’s an impressive promo even if there’s not a lot of new footage. Total Film recently had a chance to ogle 40 minutes of the movie in the company of the director, and let’s just say we were slightly impressed. If the rest of the film is half as good as that footage, this is shaping up to be a massive treat for 2007.

So start your weekend right and click here to enjoy the trailery goodness.

Source: ( Yahoo Movies )