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Get a cheap G-Sync compatible gaming monitor deal today with a best-ever price on these models

Get a cheap G-Sync compatible gaming monitor deal today with a best-ever on two models
(Image credit: ASUS/Samsung/Future)

These cheap gaming monitor deals that are going today happen to be on two of the best G-Sync compatible FreeSync monitors (opens in new tab) around. This is great news for those who want to take advantage of Nvidia's premium screen tech but want to avoid a premium price and enjoy a bit more flexibility with their choice when it comes to gaming monitor.

In the UK Amazon is selling the quietly excellent Samsung C27RG5 curved gaming monitor with a 10% reduction, bringing its price down to £279.99 (opens in new tab). It's not a massive reduction in and of itself, I know, but it is does bring the price down to the monitor's lowest ever value. Thus, this is a genuine bargain and offers bona fide value.

This is a curved beat (with a 1500R radius) that has a VA panel at 1080p. It's a 27-inch monitor and it has great image quality all in. despite not being a bigger resolution or an IPS panel so it really does punch well above its weight. What's more, it packs a really surprising, and fast, punch: along with its very respectable 4ms response time - pretty good for a curved monitor - it has a blistering refresh rate of 240Hz so you can enjoy some of the smoothest gameplay possible on a great curved gaming monitor. Particularly when you combine this with its built-in FreeSync and its compatibility with Nvidia's G-Sync. We think its the best curved G-Sync compatible FreeSync monitor going.

In the US, there's an AOC (opens in new tab) model on offer and you can find more info on that deal a little below here.

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Samsung C27RG5 curved gaming monitor | 27" 1080p VA | 240Hz + 4ms | just £279.99 at Amazon UK (save £30) (opens in new tab)
A seriously nice gaming monitor from Samsung and one that will embrace and welcome you into your games with its curved beauty. The blistering refresh rate is an awesome feature too.

And your excellent offering in the US is the AOC monitor we have on our guide - it's down to only $159.99 (opens in new tab) at Amazon which is a, quite frankly, ridiculously low price. The AOC G2590FX is a 24.5-inch flat-screen monitor with a 1080p resolution on a TN panel encased in an almost bezel-less design. As it's a TN panel it can offer incredible speeds: the response rate is 1ms and the refresh rate is 144Hz. Team that with the FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility to be found within and you have a seriously smooth-picture-giving monitor. As a result it's a prime choice for those after a reliable and pacey monitor for shooters and fast-action games like Apex Legends. 

We think its probably the best budget G-Sync compatible FreeSync monitor going so get on this deal right now.

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AOC G2590FX gamin monitor | 24.5" 1080p TN | 144Hz + 1ms | just $159.99 at Amazon (save $40) (opens in new tab)
The best budget option on our list, yet a seriously good G-Sync/FreeSync gaming option from AOC. A couple of these would serve you very well and not break the bank to create a great multi-panel setup.

These could easily be some of the best gaming monitors (opens in new tab), period, such is their balance of specs, size, quality, features, and value. If you've been after a new panel in the January sales these are quality models to pick up with discounts right before the sales period slams shut tomorrow.

Looking to go big with your monitor? Check out our guide on the beastliest of gaming monitors to find out if you can get the best 4K monitor for gaming (opens in new tab) into your setup.

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