Get 50% off the Logitech G502, my favourite gaming mouse

Logitech G502
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One of the best gaming mice I've ever used is the Logitech G502 and it's on sale today for an astoundingly cheap price.

You can pick it up from Best Buy in the US or Amazon in the UK for just $/£35, which is less than half price. I was happy when I picked up this mouse at RRP a couple of years back and I'm still using it today; in fact, I'm tempted to jump on this deal myself just to get another one in good nick, as mine is very well used by this point.

Why is this mouse so good? It ticks the three criteria I look for in a mouse; comfy, weighty, and lots of programmable buttons. All three aspects – plus the compatibility with the Logitech G Hub software – mean it's flirted with the top spot in our best gaming mouse guide for a while.

Find more info on this deal below, along with the details of another cracking Logitech mouse offer, which you'll want to look at even more if you're left-handed.

Logitech mouse deal


Logitech G502 Hero (25,600 dpi, 11 programmable buttons) | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">$79.99 $34.99 at Best Buy
The Logitech G502 Hero is an outstanding mouse at an absolute bargain price this Cyber Monday. If you prefer your mouse to look subtle and non-gamer like then this won't be the choice for you, but if you prefer performance over aesthetics, this beaut offers 11 programmable buttons and a stonking 25,600 dpi thanks to a Logitech G hub software update.


Logitech G502 Hero Special Edition (25,600 dpi, 11 programmable buttons) | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" target="_blank">£80 £35 at Amazon UK
Meanwhile for the UK crowd, the special edition of the same mouse is on offer. The main difference is the white accent flowing through the previously all-black design, but according to the Amazon reviews, it has a better braided cable too. Nevertheless, the saving is even greater, bringing it down to 56% off.

Even if weightier mice aren't your thing, the weights for the G502 come as an accessory that you can insert into the base. Thanks to it being part of the Logitech G range too, you can connect all your Logitech G products together with the G Hub software, if you have anything else in the line.

When it was released, it also only sported a 16,000 dpi. Still far higher than most people would ever need, but thanks to a post-launch update to the G Hub software, that has been increased to a staggering 25,600. Since there are 11 programmable buttons too, all easily accessed with your thumb or index finger, you can map plenty of abilities, grenades, and melee attacks to them in suitable games like Valorant, League of Legends, Overwatch, etc. This mouse will make your life a lot easier when playing PC video games.

Alternatively, if you want something even more recent, the fantastic Logitech G903 is on offer for 45% off. This is an ambidextrous mouse, so left-handed gamers who often feel hard done by with mice like the G502 not taking them into account will want to look into this. What's even better is that this one is wireless!

It's still a hefty £72, but that is brought down from £130. Unfortunately, this deal is UK only – if you're in the US, you only get $24 off the G903.


Logitech G903 (25,600 dpi, ambidextrous, wireless, 11 programmable buttons) | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" target="_blank">£130 £71.99 at Amazon UK
The G903 offers everything the G502 does and then some (hence the slightly higher price). It goes toe-to-toe with it on the DPI count and number of programmable buttons – though some of those will be hard to reach, which is a downside to the ambidextrous nature. Nevertheless, the seven or so programmable buttons that will be easy to click are usually more than enough, and this beauty is wireless. You can't go wrong.

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