Gaming's most absurdly oversized limbs

Above: This voluptuous rendition was crafted by the graceful hands ofUDON

Well, see,they’re hands, but they’re larger than normal hands.

Above: They’re quite big, don’t you think?

Put them in a pair of neat-looking shoes and no one seems to care when feet are so enormous they're repulsive. Take a look at Sora from Kingdom Hearts - imagine what it'd look like if you took his shoes off. Unless you have a massive foot fetish (not a strong fetish for feet, a fetish for massive feet), you'd take an immediate detour to vomitville. They're probably all hairy and stuff, too.

Above: The image pretty much explains everything

The other exception seems to be animal feet. Animal feet can be stupidly big, and no one seems to care. Where is the outrage?

Above: You’re worrying about shit like the global economy at a time when cartoon videogame dogs are walking around with feet this large? Come on, this is serious!

In order to better illustrate the proportional falsehoods being spread around by this corrupting material, I’ve included a completely un-doctored picture of my dog for reference.

Above: Note the normal sized feet

I bet you’re saying, “Hey, wait a minute, this last entry is wrong. Those limbs are small!" You’re right, they’re very small. They’re freakishly insignificant. Is this screen from Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (N64)a teaserfor “Gaming’s most absurdly undersized limbs” or just something bizarreI decided tostick at the end of this article? Probably the latter.

Tip: Hosting a party on short notice? Indy’s arms can double as toothpicks for your d'oeuvres

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