Best The First Descendant Kuiper Shard farming method

A booster for Kuiper Shards from The First Descendant battle pass
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Farming The First Descendant Kuiper Shards is something that players will want to do once they're more than a few missions into the game, as Kuiper Shards are used to upgrade Modules - an integral part of empowering both weapons and Descendants as part of maintaining powerful builds. However, while obtaining Kuiper Shards isn't hard to do, getting them quickly isn't easy - they tend to come through in something of a drip feed, and it'll likely be slowing going - at least until you use our Kuiper Shard farm method for The First Descendant, which we've outlined below.

Best Kuiper Shard farming mission in The First Descendant

A player farms Kuiper Shards through an Ambush mission in The First Descendant

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Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant are best farmed by completing missions quickly, along with certainly additional conditions that'll boost the reward rate. Because most missions give you a Kuiper Shard bonus reward on completion, the best thing you can do is complete a mission as fast as possible. Like when farming Code Analyzers for The First Descendant Encrypted Vaults, there's one mission that's great for this, and the full farming method goes thus:

  1. Equip Reactor components that boost Kuiper Shard reward rate, if you've found them.
  2. Trigger Kuiper Shard boosters from the Battle Pass (this will cost you some of the The First Descendant Caliber microtransaction currency)
  3. Turn the difficulty of the game to Hard (if you've unlocked it)
  4. Head to the Sterile Land Rockfall Region, and play the Anticipated Ambush Point mission repeatedly.
  5. Using Bunny makes this even quicker, running through the area with her electrical aura ability to kill all nearby foes. You can be done in less than a minute.
  6. Collect the Kuiper Shards as rewards for each mission.
  7. Periodically return to Albion with all the Modules you've gotten and disassemble them at Silion for even more Shards.

Looping those processes over and over will earn you tens of thousands of Kuiper Shards across the hour, though obviously it requires a bit of patience to just keep doing the same mission like that.

It bears mentioning that you can still do this method even without Hard Mode, the Battle Pass, or Bunny as a character - they just make an efficient farming method even more efficient.

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