Shadow of the Erdtree nearly killed Elden Ring's best mod, but while it's "not perfect," it's finally back to help you carve your way through the DLC with a friend

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring's super-popular Seamless Co-op mod was temporarily broken by the release of Shadow of the Erdtree, but now its developer says it's back.

In a message on the Seamless Co-op Discord (via PCGamer), moderator Dalvik shared a note from the mod's creator, Luke Yui, saying that while the mod is "not perfect, it has reached a state where it can be used to play Elden Ring and the DLC in co-op." Shadow of the Erdtree made enough changes to the base game that the mod no longer functioned as intended, and it sounds as though it's been a busy couple of weeks for Yui to get everything working again.

Now, it seems that not only is the mod working again, but it's a pretty smooth transition. All old saves will still work, even if they're on prior versions, and gestures and items earned from NPCs will now update properly for everyone. There's even been something of an improvement over the original, as Seamless Co-op now supports invasions, though these are optional.

While Seamless Co-op has been an extremely popular mod, the days of add-ons like it might be numbered, at least in FromSoftware games. In a recent interview, director Hidetaka Miyazaki said that he doesn't want to "oppose or [...] downplay" the popularity of the mod, but it's something that that the developer might "consider" for future games. Bearing in mind that Seamless Co-op has been downloaded more than three million times, it does seem like there's a substantial part of the Elden Ring community looking for a helping hand, but maybe we won't even need a mod to get that in future.

Your upgrades won't be an issue with the mod, so you might want to take a look at our list of All Scadutree Fragments locations so you can both power up.

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