"Every single asset" in Lego Horizon Adventures can be built with real bricks in real life, all thanks to the help of a team of Master Builders

Lego Horizons Adventures
(Image credit: Sony/Lego)

In Lego Horizon Adventures, if you can see something, you can recreate it in real-life,  because "every single asset" is made from real bricks.

As the name suggests, Lego Horizon Adventures is a blocky retelling of the first game in Guerilla's series. Minifigures replace mocap for characters like Aloy and Rost, and machines are made of plastic blocks rather than steel plates. But that blocky recreation continues worldwide - in an interview with GamesRadar+, narrative director James Windeler tells me that "every single asset" is made of real Lego pieces.

That's an apparent first for a Lego game like this, and Windeler goes on to explain that it was only possible thanks to a team of Master Builders who helped recreate some of the game's most complex machines. If you have the bricks - and the expertise - you should be able to create even the mighty Thunderjaw by yourself, exactly as it exists in the game.

Windeler also says that Lego Horizon Adventures exists due to Guerilla's history with Lego through the pre-existing Horizon Zero Dawn Tallneck set that launched in May 2022. On top of that, many devs at the studio "have rooms full of Lego," meaning that "there was definitely a passion" to do something even more in-depth with the toy company.

I went hands-on with Lego Horizon Adventures at Summer Game Fest, so you can find out more about how this peculiar, charming game came about with my Lego Horizon Adventures preview.

Spoilers - we might need to update our list of the best Lego games pretty soon.

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