FromSoftware is so desperate for struggling Elden Ring players to level up their Shadow of the Erdtree blessings that it's now just telling them where they are

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As Elden Ring players grapple with Shadow of the Erdtree's difficulty, FromSoftware opts to reveal precisely "how to strengthen your character" - hopefully making the DLC a bit easier.

It's no secret - despite the Souslike genre's trademark feature being the hardcore difficulty it presents players with, a good few Elden Ring fans are struggling to progress through Shadow of the Erdtree's challenging new content. FromSoftware is well aware of this it seems, with the studio releasing an Elden Ring patch that makes it easier to buff your Tarnished earlier today - and more amusingly, an announcement that reads much like a how-to guide does.

The studio's post is aptly dubbed "Tips: How to strengthen your character in Shadow of the Erdtree" and it opens with the developers explaining that "players can be strengthened by collecting and using 'Scadutree Fragments' and 'Revered Spirit Ash.'" Upon getting "stuck," FromSoftware says that fans should "explore various areas" for the items. The devs then detail how to activate both the Shadow Realm Blessing and Revered Spirit Ash Blessing, describing what each blessing does.

FromSoftware's handy guide also contains crystal-clear instructions on where players can obtain Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ash to level the blessings up - along with literal map markers and screenshots. The devs go as far as explaining what many fans may find obvious, too: how to activate and increase Shadow of the Erdtree blessings "from the Site of Grace menu." If this is FromSoftware's way of telling us we need to get good, I'm personally here for it - helpful, yet a bit hilarious.

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