2023's best Soulslike gets even bigger (and probably better) with DLC coming later this year

Lies of P trailer
(Image credit: Neowiz)

Lies of P, the action Soulslike starring Pinocchio, is set to receive new DLC in the second half of this year. 

Publisher and developer Neowiz announced the news via its earning results for the fiscal quarter, with a graphic displaying the company's upcoming projects. The Lies of P DLC was listed alongside the next Pro Soccer and Legend of Heroes with a tentative release date set for the "2nd half of 2024."

Lies of P's teasing ending set off a string of fan theories about what other fairytale properties are on the horizon, though fans weren't sure whether the other fables would come in an expansion or through a sequel. 

Neowiz did indeed announce that a sequel was in the works, which obviously made fans speculate about the future inclusion of Frankenstein, Peter Pan, and characters from the Wizard of Oz, either fighting with or against our Pinocchio. Concept art from the DLC announcement also pointed toward a potential pirate theme for the new content.

The possibilities for other fairytale icons doesn’t stop there, though. All eyes turned to Lies of P when the Steamboat Willie and Peter Pan licenses went into the public domain, and other classic fables, like the Little Mermaid or Alice in Wonderland, are already free to use too.  

That's all pure speculation, but I'd be willing to bet the DLC brings the same furious action and smartly-designed enemies that made Lies of P last year's best Soulslike. Some genre connoisseurs even argued that it was the best Soulslike outside of Fromsoftware's own gameography. So, more, please.

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