Lies of P director confirms a Soulslike sequel - and pirate, Peter Pan, and Frankenstein theories are already swirling around DLC

Lies of P
(Image credit: Neowiz)

Lies of P’s director has confirmed a sequel is in development and revealed new concept art from the upcoming DLC. 

“Our highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel,” director Jiwon Choi says in the newest Director’s Letter video. “The dev team is putting significant effort, brainstorming and exploring different aspects of the projects.” Choi then shares two pieces of concept art: one showing an icy, mechanical interior, and the other showing our protagonist on a worn ship.

Job listings previously mentioned that DLC was in development, which already made some fans speculate that Lies Of P’s end-credits scene could come into play and take us to another fairytale world. But since the concept art doesn’t depict a technicolor dream, I’m guessing the wonderful end-credits tease will probably be saved for the sequel.

The ship theme has some fans guessing that our young Pinoch might be on a pirate-themed journey, or that he might be heading to Neverland and possibly run into Peter Pan and crew - though probably a more murderous version of those immortal kids since this is a Soulslike, after all. But if developer Neowiz tackles another publicly-domained story in the DLC, my best guess is that it would be Frankenstein. 

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein novel literally begins on a ship in the Arctic. Check. And the story is all about god complexes, humanity, and injecting life in unnatural ways. Check, check, and check. There’s enough thematic crossover between the two, and come on, a boss fight against Frankenstein's monster (or Frankie himself) just makes sense. “What I just showed you merely scratches the tip of the iceberg,” continues Choi, further teasing that icy setting. 

Elsewhere, the director dished out information about the upcoming November patch, which is currently undated. The patch will buff blades and handles that weren’t “meeting expectations,” and smooth out the early-game difficulty (looking at you, shovel puppet) by equipping P with the Rising Dodge ability from the get-go. The patch will also introduce an extra equipment slot for facial accessories so you can wear glasses and hats together. 

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