Game of Thrones showrunners break down THAT episode 2 twist

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

In what came as a shock to no one - but was cathartic nonetheless - Jon Snow was resurrected by Melisandre in the latest episode of Game of Thrones. It's easily the biggest talking point in an episode that's full of them, and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss break it all down in this new featurette.

Check it out below...

It's going to be interesting to see the consequences and repercussions of Jon's revival. Game of Thrones hasn't been shy about pulling the trigger on storylines so far this season, so hopefully we won't be kept waiting too long for answers.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO in the US, and Sky Atlantic on Mondays in the UK.

Images: HBO