Game of Thrones season 7's second trailer is here and we've broken down its secrets

Here's a little something to ease the wait until Game of Thrones season 7 arrives: a second, full-length Game of Thrones trailer. HBO shared two more minutes from the show's penultimate season and, gosh, things are looking serious. There's so much in there that we went ahead and broke it down frame-by-frame, just like we did for the first trailer.

This is a super-close reading so if you want to avoid all potential spoilers for season 7, you may want to back out now! For those who are hungry for every possible secret, read on.

0.20 - Crossing the wall

Here we see Bran and Meera crossing the wall. Because Bran has the Night King's mark on him, this means the magic in the wall preventing the Whitewalkers from invading the north will be breached. I mean, at this point, why the hell not?

0.33 - The Dragonstone landing

A landing party arrives at Dragonstone island. They're too small to tell for sure, but their number probably includes Daenarys, Tyrio, Greyworm, Yara, and the rest of the gang.

1.01 - The Dothraki charge

Those Lannister troops are pretty brave to hold the line even with a bunch of Dothraki screamers bearing down on them.

1.02 - A naval battle

Nothing like a good old fight on a boat. Is that Yara Greyjoy leaping into the fray?

1.02 - Lannister archers

A detachment of archers is ready to black out the skies, with Jaime and Bronn keeping watch behind them.

1.03 - A congress of ravens

Looks like those ravens are flying over an army of the undead. Are the birds being controlled by the Whitewalkers as well? They often serve as messengers in Westeros, perhaps they have a similar function for the Whitewalkers.

1.05 - The return of Bran

Here's Bran at the Winterfell weirwood tree. That means he's probably been reunited with Sansa, and Arya and Jon as well.

1.07 - Hell yeah, Beric

Beric Dondarrion stands with flaming sword. Yes. He's in the snow so he's probably part of the group that Jon is leading north of the wall, as well.

1.09 - Greyjoys ahoy

That's clearly a Greyjoy fleet, and that may be the Lannister stronghold of Casterly Rock in the distance. If this fleet belongs to Euron, that would strengthen the idea of his alliance with Cersei.

1.14 - Jaime's charge

This could be a big one. Jaime is charging across a flaming battleground, likely near the end of the battle between the Lannisters and the Dothraki (the Dothraki are bringing dragons, remember). Could we be looking at Jaime Lannister's last charge?

1.17 - Yara and Theon

Neither of the Greyjoys are looking very happy or armored in this scene, which suggests they may be captives.

1.20 - Jon and the zombies

Jon has a big fight ahead of him. At least he isn't on his own - check out ol' Beric getting busy with his flaming sword on the right.

1.21 - Missandei and Grey Worm

Winter's here, so you'd better get any making out done that you want to get done.

1.22 - The Hound returns

That's gotta be ol' Sandor Clegane. And it looks like he's drawing his sword in some kind of arena. Is #CleganeBowl finally at hand?

1.25 - Euron triumphant

Looks like Euron is leading that sea battle we saw earlier. Safe bet that he's fighting Yara and Theon and that's how they get captured.

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Andy Hartup