Game of Thrones season 7 trailer - watch it here and get a full breakdown of all its secrets

Things may be cooling down in Westeros with the arrival of winter, but the hype for Game of Thrones season 7 is about to get a lot hotter. A new trailer for the upcoming season shows Cersei ruminating, Jon Snow pontificating, and Daenerys plotting. It looks like we can expect plenty of action this year, as the trailer ends with an ominous warning: The great war is here.

Want to know every secret in the trailer? Here's a full breakdown of everything you see (and likely missed) in the new trailer...

0.07 - Cersei's enemies

Cersei is talking about the various enemies the Lannisters have, and where they are in relation to King's Landing, where she has taken the Throne from her recently dead son Tommen. Want to know who they all are?

- North: It's Jon Snow's army. Cersei and most of King's Landing are unaware of the Whitewalkers, but you can bet she knows about Winterfell being reclaimed by Jon Snow - the Bastard son of Ned Stark (well, not really, but that's what everyone thinks) and Sansa, the legitimate heir.

- East: That's Daenerys. As we find out later in the trailer her army lands at Dragonstone, which is to the east of King's Landing. It's where Stannis was based, and the point where he launched his attack on Blackwater Bay. It's safe to assume, then, that Cersei knows about Dany when she makes this speech.

- South: This one is Dorne (and possibly Highgarden). Lady Oleanna makes a pact with Elaria Sand at the end of S6, so they're going up against the Lannisters together.

- West: Well, technically Highgarden is West of King's Landing. However, this more likely refers to old enemies like Riverrun and The Vale. They're unlikely to be aggressors in S7, though, so 'West' is probably a reference to the Tyrells.

0.24 - Lannister soldiers march to war

In case you were wondering, these are Lannister soliders. They have the Lion emblem on their shields. Why is this significant? Well, in King's Landing Cersei relies on the Kingsguard and the City Watch to do most of the fighting. There is a Lannister army presence but... it's not huge. This, then, could imply that we're looking at an army formed at Casterly Rock, the Lannister family seat.

0.36 - Welcome (back) to Dragonstone

Looks like Dany has arrived at Dragonstone, a castle built on an island to the east of King's Landing. Why is that significant? It was a Targaryen stronghold for centuries before Stannis Baratheon occupied it. It's also - take note - the home to the largest collection of Dragonglass south of the wall. Dragonglass, as we all know, can be used to kill Whitewalkers and their zombies, permanently. Is it definitely Dragonstone? There's so much evidence in this trailer that the answer is 'Yes'. The clue in this image is the dragon gargoyle you see on the right of the image...

Nerdy fact - Dragonstone appears in the title sequence for Game of Thrones.

0.46 - Daenerys reclaims her family throne

Yes, that's the throne at Dragonstone, where the Targaryens used to sit. Dany's on it now, which we already knew from the first teaser trailer. It looks slightly more comfortable than the Iron Throne.

0.47 - We're probably in Casterly Rock

Why are we probably at Casterly Rock, home of the Lannisters? Because there's an archway with a big 'L' on it. For 'Lannister'. So, safe bet this is her family seat. And it's under attack, probably from the Unsullied, as we see later in the trailer. One thing to note, though... Cersei has commissioned a Lannister lion emblem to sit behind the Iron Throne, so it's possible she has branded other parts of King's Landing too. While we're 99% sure this is Casterly Rock, it could possibly be King's Landing...

0.50 - The Lords of the North (and Brienne / Littlefinger)

This scene could easily be right where season 6 left off. It's only really notable because you see Brienne (you may not be able to make her out in this pic, but she's definitely there) at the front, on the right. She's still guarding Sansa at this point. Littlefinger is all the way over on the left.

0.54 - The Wall is open...

The great gate at the base of The Wall is opening... to let people out. There's a ranging party headed north, into Whitewalker territory. Why? Well that really depends who is in the party... This becomes clear later on.

0.58 - Melisandre is home at Dragonstone

That's definitely Melisandre, who is back in season 7. Where is she? That looks like Dragonstone too. Why would she be there? It's where she lived when she was with Stannis, so it just makes sense. What is she doing there? Ah, now you're asking. If she's there, and this image doesn't deceive, then she's going to meet Daenerys. She's got no history with Dany, so her crimes won't be known to them. It's highly likely - especially as so many people in Dany's army will already follow the Lord of Light (who is very popular in Meereen) - that they'll join forces. The outcome of that is... anyone's guess.

1.03 - Arya is up North

Arya is up North (it's snowy, and that weather hasn't reached the Riverlands yet). She's either here to rescue her brother Bran, or (more likely) she's heading to Winterfell. 

1.05 - A circle of Wildlings and Night's Watchmen

What's this? The party that left The Wall are getting attacked? Shocking. Ok, who is in this party? The different weapons held by each person suggests it's either a bunch of Wildlings or perhaps a mixture of Wildlings and Rangers from Castle Black. Read on, and we'll confirm exactly who is in this group.

1.11 - A sea battle... but who is it between?

This one's interesting. We see a ship being bordered by some soldiers, but it's unclear who is fighting. Those little round shields carried by the attackers look an awful lot like Greyjoy armaments. Later in the trailer, we also see a shot of Theon looking at 'something burning' which could imply he's present at this battle. So who is it? It's very likely we're seeing Euron Greyjoy catching up with Yara and Theon, and battling them at sea. Interestingly, a rumour that emerged from the filming of season 7 suggested that Euron takes Yara as a prisoner to King's Landing. Now... if they do clash at sea, and Euron defeats Yara and Theon, this would make perfect sense. Why would Euron be taking Yara to King's Landing? If he can't have Daenerys as a bride, he'd probably go after Cersei for a marriage alliance. And what better wedding gift than one of her most prominent enemies?

1.13 - Yes, it's definitely Dragonstone, ok?

That's the map of Westeros, in the Chamber of the Painted Table at Dragonstone. We've seen Stannis use it before.

1.14 - The Mountain's new duds

Yeah, that's Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane. Kept alive by Qyburn, after being poisoned by Oberyn of Dorne (who lost his head in the worst way possible), Gregor is Cersei's personal bodyguard. He's clearly got new armour ahead of the fight with his brother, Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane, in an event known as Cleganebowl to Thrones fans. Ok, that's not quite confirmed, but you should still get hype.

1.17 - A Lannister vs Unsullied battle

Yeah, this is the same battle hinted at earlier in the trailer, between the Lannisters and... someone else at Casterly Rock. It's very, very likely that these are Daenerys' Unsullied, who don't appear to be marching with the Dothraki at the end of the trailer. The weapons, helms, and armour all fit. The only question is why would Dany split her forces? And what are the Tyrells and Dornish up to?

1.18 - Jon strikes Littlefinger

This happens in a flash, and the identity of the 'victim' is uncertain, but it looks like Littlefinger's grey hair. It makes sense that Jon would be hitting him, and suggests that Littlefinger's stay at Winterfell will come to a bloody end.

1.20 - Arya looks under a bed

She's unlikely to be checking for the Boogeyman. Who is she looking for? Who the hell knows, but it could be a massive tease for the reintroduction of Robert Baratheon's bastard son, Gendry, who may finally have come ashore after being put in a boat at the end of season 2 and never seen since.

1.20 - The hand in the door

We only see this hand for a split second but... is that Jorah Mormont? The arm looks to be covered in Greyscale, so it's likely to be him, locked away to avoid spreading the disease. Leaked set-pics suggest he gets cured though, so we could be looking at this process in action. The other potential option is that it's Septa Unella, the woman who takes Cersei on her walk of shame, and ends up being tortured and abused by The Mountain at the end of S6? She is technically in prison, she's in a bad state, and that arm appears to be both.

1.21 - Jon and Tormund run away

So, here is Jon and Tormund, north of The Wall, running away from something. This confirms it's them who we see earlier in the trailer (they're wearing the same clothes and carrying the same weapons), but what in the hell are they doing? The answer is probably: looking for more Dragonglass. See, there is loads of it buried at the Fist of the First Men, where the Night's Watch set up camp in season 2 (before Jon pretends to befriend Mance Rayder). After losing their supply at Hardhome, it would seem to be the only reason for Jon and his allies to head north of The Wall. Unless they were attempting a stealth strike to kill the Night King (which would likely destroy his entire zombie army).

1.22 - Missandei and Greyworm getting it on

Yeah, that's Greyworm and Missandei. We know they're into each other, we heard rumours of a sexy scene between them, and - no - we don't know how that would work. Greyworm has no reproductive organs, as they were removed when he was a child so he could be drafted into the Unsullied. Ok, they don't have to be having sex, but surely that has removed his desire for sexual contact as well as his ability to do it? Or not. Clearly.

1.22 - More sexy times

Wait... is that Yara Greyjoy and... Ellaria Sand, the former lover of Oberyn and current ruler of Dorne? It seems to be. What are they doing together? We know they're both bisexual, so it makes sense from a character perspective. And if they are together here it implies that Dorne has met up with Dany's fleet, and the two armies have allied. And that is very interesting indeed. It suggests there will be a coordinated attack on the Lannisters, where Highgarden and Dorne march on Casterly Rock, while Daenerys goes for King's Landing. Interesting.

1.28 - Daenerys' army looks imposing

That is a big, big army. With dragons. Where are they fighting? It's likely to be around Duskendale (a location hinted at right at the start of the trailer, in a map shot), which is an area in between King's Landing and Dragonstone. It could well be a showdown between Dany and Cersei. The only thing to note is that there's no sign of the Unsullied here. They're off attacking Casterly Rock, as we see earlier in the trailer.

Andy Hartup