Daniel Radcliffe wants Game of Thrones to 'just bring him in and f**king kill him'

There have been several famous people who have cited Game of Thrones as their favourite TV show over the past few years, and it looks like we can add Daniel Radcliffe to that lengthy list. 

Indeed, the once and former Harry Potter is very keen to make an appearance on the show, even if his screen time is brief: "I would love to [appear on Thrones], he told Digital Spy. "If they want to just bring me in and fucking kill me, I would be so happy for that".

Radcliffe also spoke a little about why he's turned down TV roles in the past; "Right now, I have a little bit of freedom. I’ve recently read a couple of really good TV pilot scripts, but then it’s signing on for seven years. So if I read a script for something that’s filming next year, I don’t have to turn it down because I’m not available – which I did, for a long time [when I was filming the Potter movies]".

Ian McShane made a notably effective one and done appearance on Game of Thrones last season, but the presence of Radcliffe - who is a very recognisable star - could prove to be too distracting for viewers. As fun as it could be to see Radcliffe interacting with the likes of Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister, it's unlikely it will happen anytime soon.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones will debut in summer 2017.

Images: Warner Bros.

Amon Warmann

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