Game of Thrones animated series in early development for HBO Max

Game of Thrones
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A Game of Thrones animated series is reportedly in the very early stages of development at HBO Max.

According to THR, HBO is currently having conversations with writers for the Game of Thrones animated series, but nothing's set in stone yet. That means it's still very possible for things to go south. For now though, the series is part of a broader strategy at HBO to continue expanding on the world of Game of Thrones for HBO. A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin is said to have an ongoing deal with HBO parent company WarnerMedia for the rights.

As talks are still underway, we don't have any details on the Game of Thrones animated series' plot, setting, or characters. That said, it's being described as "adult-learning" and "similar in tone" to HBO's Game of Thrones series, which wrapped its eighth and final season in 2019.

Just last week, we learned about another new Game of Thrones prequel in development based on Martin's Tales of Dunk and Egg, which is based in Westeros. Neither project has been ordered to series, so it isn't certain they'll make it to screen. After all, the prequel starring Naomi Watts was canceled in 2019 after filming the pilot episode.

On the other hand, House of the Dragon, the prequel centering on the rise of the Targaryen dynasty, already has its key creative team and much of the cast nailed down, with a targeted 2022 release date.

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