Gal Gun devs take on Microsoft, claim that showing school girl panties is their 'just cause'

The upcoming Xbox 360, Japan-only shooter Gal Gun has players shooting girls with a “pheromone gun and bringing them to what sounds like climax." Most of these girls are supposed to be high school students. Apparently Microsoft has some issues with this.

MShas asked for several changes to be made in the game before its release a little under three months from now. While neither Microsoft nor the game's developer, Alchemist, has released a detailed list of the requested revisions, a post on the dev's blog, which suspended the release countdown that had been on the site, makes it clear that many of the changes revolve around the sexual content of the game.

Right: This new image appeared with the post. The ears read 'strongly against'

The post is filled with Japanese puns revolving around Microsoft's 'MS' initials and their requests. The writer calls the company “truly bothersome,” and the requested changes impossible.The last line makes it clear that, though Alchemist mayintend to fight Microsoft on the changes, it's willing to talk:“For our just cause (panties), we're starting negotiations.”

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[Source: Gal Gun Official Blog (Japanese)viaAndriasang]

Nov 9, 2010