Fun With Spore

Ever on the look out for new ways of having fun we discovered the fiendishly addictive world of browsing the Sporepedia . Haven’t heard of Spore? It’s a new game for the DS and PC which is a bit like a cross between Sim Earth and Animal Crossing in which you populate your ecosystem with beasts you create. Anyway, there’s a thread about the game here on the SFX forum, which is where we found this fine specimen of spore Cyberman (left) created by DarthHoob. He casually mentioned there were a few Daleks on the Sporepedia (part of the Spore website, and so, of course, we had to investigate.

And that’s when we got hooked. You do a search for Dalek, giggle at some attempts, go wow at others, and then you just have to a search for Cyberman. And then Adipose. And then TARDIS. And then you wonder what other shows might have inspired Spore beasts. So you put in Chewbacca. And then…

Suddenly everybody’s round your desk, wondering what you’re giggling at. Then they’re back at their desks searching through the thing as well. Next thing you know it’s an hour later. And we haven’t even searched the non UK Spore sites yet. Bet there’s a load more Star Wars stuff on the US site.

Better yet, there's a creature creator on the site as well.

Anyway, to whet your appetite, here are a few of our faves so far…

A mazipan Dalek

Cutest Cyberman ever

Adipose/Trap Door hybrid

Armoured TARDIS

Two tone TARDIS

Tactile TARDIS

Scary Slitheen

Muppet Slitheen

Mad mogwai

Eerie Mogwai

Chebacca, apparently

Geeky Godzilla

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