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Full Flash Costume Revealed

What Usain Bolt would wear if he was a fictional superhero

We saw a head shot a few weeks back. Now IGN have shown us a full picture of what Barry Allen will look like in his go-faster togs in the CW's take on The Flash.

Grant Gustin steps into the tight-fitting costume in the pilot which – barring a disaster of Wonder Woman-style proportions – is pretty much a certainty to go to series this autumn, alongside the Flash's DC stablemate Green Arrow. ( The show was originally slated to be a spin-off from Arrow , with Allen debuting in a season two episode, but the network's plans have since changed.)

What do you think of Barry's threads? A decent real-world take on the costume? Does he look too much like Ben Affleck's Daredevil? Should the thingummies on his head be a little more sticky outy? Have they overdone the lightning? Let us know in the comments below.