FrightFest 2009: Awards round-up!

Vampires, werewolves, demons, serial killers, giant bugs, monsters, mad scientists, Satanists, zombies, Nazi zombies... all were present and correct at the 10th anniversary of FrightFest.

Featuring 36 movies from 12 countries over four continents - and boasting 11 world premieres, 15 UK premieres - the globe's greatest horror festival offered plenty to chew on (and chew the fingernails to), if no film to match either Martyrs or Let The Right One In from last year's vintage.

Suspense was also low on the ground, and anyone hoping for this year's Orphanage - that film guaranteed to freeze the heart - would have been disappointed.

But FrightFest had everything else, the line-up again proving that the horror genre is in fairly rude health at the moment... and the fans' response to the movies again demonstrating that no-one does passion like the horror fan.

Total Film , of course, was there for the whole five days, viewing so many movies and catching so little Zs that our eyes started to bleed.

But now it's over. Here, then, are the Total Film awards. Be sure to check out the winners as soon as they become widely available...

Best Movie

Nominations: Trick 'R Treat , Millennium: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo , The House Of The Devil , Best Worst Movie , Heartless

Winner: Millennium: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (really - it might have been sponsored by Total Film but it was endorsed by all!)

Worst Movie

Nominations: Zombie Women Of Satan , Zombie Women Of Satan , Zombie Women Of Satan

Winner: Zombie Women Of Satan

Best Worst Movie

Nominations: Smash Cut, Giallo

Winner: Giallo

Most Purely Enjoyable Movie (With An '80s Vibe)

Nomination: Trick 'R Treat

Winner: Trick 'R Treat

Best Performance

Nominations: Elena Anaya ( Hierro ), Michael Nyqvist ( Millennium ), Noomi Rapace ( Millennium ), Jocelin Donahue ( The House Of The Devil ), Jim Sturgess ( Heartless )

Winner: Noomi Rapace ( Millennium )

Worst Performance

Nominations: Adrien Brody (the serial killer in Giallo ), Adrien Brody (the cop in Giallo )

Winner: A tie

Grossest Moment

Nominations: Girl eats week-old hunk of meat that crawls with maggots ( Dread ), Flies crawl out of Bradley Cooper's ears, nose and eyes ( Case 39 ), Guy at front of centipede shits into mouth of woman grafted to his anus ( The Human Centipede ), Bloke has a pump-adaptor poked down his knob and squeals like a pig when his tormentor starts blasting ( The Horseman ), Man's eyelid is cut off ( Shadow )

Winner: Guy at front of centipede shits into mouth... ( The Human Centipede )

Goriest Moment

Nominations: Woman rips off her tits and then her face ( Night Of The Demons ), Guy's entire back peels off ( Shadow ), Any of the many, many hosing decapitations ( Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl ), The last half-hour of non-stop Nazi zombie carnage ( Dead Snow ), Lipstick is pushed into breast and falls out of vagina in a torrent of blood ( Night Of The Demons ), Gangsters and cops shoot the shit out of a zombie until there is nothing left ( La Horde )

Winner: Nazi zombie carnage ( Dead Snow )

Scariest Moment

Nominations: Woman creeps up stairs to investigate noises ( The House Of The Devil ), Protagonist hears the sound of an axe thumping up the stairs ( Dread ), Cage full of kids descends into the mist ( Trick 'R Treat )

Winner: Woman creeps up stairs to investigate noises ( The House Of The Devil )

Best Live Guest

Nominations: Lots of cast and crew ( The Descent: Part 2 ), John Landis ( An American Werewolf In London , the making of Thriller ), David Hess ( Smash Cut ), Jim Sturgess ( Heartless ), Michael Dougherty ( Trick 'R Treat ), Chris Smith ( Triangle )

Winner: John Landis, who stuck around all weekend talking and signing, and even asked a question during the Trick 'R Treat Q&A before shouting out "Fuck Warner Brothers"