Fortnite's Dragon Ball Z crossover officially starts next week

(Image credit: Epic Games/Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation)

The long-rumored crossover between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z kicks off next week, as developer Epic Games has now officially confirmed.

A new image posted by the official Fortnite Twitter account shows Dragon Ball's Shenron (or Shen Long, if you prefer the alternate translation) emerging from a tree. The tweet features the line, "Speak. Name your wish," and includes the date of August 16, 2022. That's just ahead of the August 18 release date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in western theaters.

There's not yet any official word on what form the crossover will take, though the appearance of Shenron hints that there may be some way of collecting the Dragon Balls themselves to summon the dragon and make a wish - perhaps for a special mythic item.

Dataminers have uncovered evidence of a mythic that would let you perform the kamehameha in the game files. Leaks have also indicated that there will be four skins as part of the collaboration: Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and an unidentified female character. A new lobby background also shows the Kame House, so it's possible that location may appear in-game.

Fortnite's last big anime crossover was with Naruto, which included a host of skins for the series' main characters, additional cosmetic items, as well as some gameplay shakeups with quests and items from the series appearing in normal matches. There was also a new map that let you explore the Hidden Leaf Village.

It all nearly makes you forget that 'Anime Legends' pack that didn't actually have any anime legends in it.

Are we going to have to add Fortnite to our list of the best anime games?

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