Fortnite Season 4 teaser makes it look like superheroes are on the way

The Fortnite Season 4 teaser.

Update: Epic has added another piece to the Fortnite Season 4 teaser puzzle, featuring a woman who looks positively wonderful.

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The next season of Fortnite Battle Royale is looking pretty super. Developer Epic Games shared the first actual, solid, not-just-a-sneaky-teaser for Fortnite Season 4 on the game's official Twitter account, teasing that players will be able to 'battle, adapt, and win' when it arrives. Here, take a look. 

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There's a familiar comet motif to the overall design - we've been seeing more and more of those since players first spotted one in the skies of Fortnite. But the Big Deal is obviously the masked dude on the right side of the image. Square jaw, huge muscles, mysteriously glowing eyes, identity-concealing headwear? Seems pretty clear that we're looking at a superhero here. Unless I'm mistaken, that's even an all-new model rather than an existing Fortnite character with a new costume (much like The Reaper skin in Season 3).

Many players, myself included, had been expecting some kind of a space-alien motif for the next season given all the celestial happenings. But that might just be pretence for our own superhero origin stories. Everybody knows mysterious extraterrestrial civilizations exist solely to give humans superpowers, right?

The internal GR+ chatroom is already abuzz with how Epic could inject some superheroic flavor into the typical Battle Royale gameplay. Our current favorite theory is consumable boost items that augment your abilities; for example, you could drink a few stacks of a speed-boosting potion to outrun the storm, or knock back a super-jump potion and leap over an opponent's tower in a single bound. It would be a cool avenue for new item additions beyond the typical cadence of guns and explosives.

We won't have to wait long to find out for sure: Season 3 is currently set to end in less than a week, and something's gonna have to take its place!

Think you might finally jump in with the season change, but worried that you won't be very good? Don't fret, I'm having a great time sucking at Fortnite and you will too.

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