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Fortnite season 3 adds a new secret treasure for Dusty Depot - here's how to find it

Epic Games has released Fortnite Season 3 (or Fortnite version 3.0, if you prefer), and already the community is tearing through every new detail, balance tweak, and secret treasure chest. Wait... there's a new secret treasure?

Yup! And by watching our guide above, you can find out exactly where it is. Looting this hidden cache will earn you 10 Battle Stars, which will help you level up your Battle Pass. If you're just catching up on the Fortnite craze, here's a short summary of what exactly a Battle Pass is and why you might want one:

Fortnite is free-to-play, but sells cosmetics and other microtransactions for real-world money. One such purchase is the Battle Pass, with each Battle Pass tied to a 'season' of content. Season 2, for example, ran from December 14 to February 20.

If you buy a Battle Pass, you can unlock cosmetics by playing the game and completing the Battle Pass Challenges. To go back to the Season 2 example, by purchasing the Season 2 Battle Pass, you would instantly unlock the Blue Squire Outfit, as well as a 50% bonus to match XP throughout the duration of the season. Once you levelled your Battle Pass up to Tier 2, you'd earn a "LOL" emoticon. The rewards keep stacking, all the way to Tier 70.

Now, with the arrival of Fortnite Season 3, a new Battle Pass has arrived - and wouldn't you know it, one of its challenges is to find the Dusty Depot treasure chest. The 10 Battle Stars you'll earn by completing this challenge are enough to level your Battle Pass by one Tier, so it's well worth doing and won't take too much time - as long as you follow our guide, of course.

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