How to complete Fortnite School of Llama challenges for Witcher items

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The Fortnite School of Llama challenges feature four different paths to follow, with each expanding your Witcher training so you can unlock more cosmetic awards themed around the legendary monster hunter. You won't find the School of Llama displayed within Fortnite itself, as it's managed through a dedicated website you need to register for separately, but once that's set up you can track all of your progress online. A new path will unlock each week, and the event is running until March 10 to give you plenty of time to work through it, so here's details of how to start the School of Llama challenges in Fortnite and what Witcher rewards you'll earn by completing them.

How to join the Fortnite School of Llama event

To start completing challenges, you must log in to the Fortnite School of Llama event website from Epic Games. Sign in with your linked Epic Games account and you can see the current challenges you have ready to complete. You’ve got until March 10 at 20:59 PT / 23:59 ET / (March 11) 04:59 GMT to wrap up all of these challenges, and you’ll automatically get the associated in-game reward upon completing any challenge.

How to complete Fortnite School of Llama challenges

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Now that you’re logged into the Fortnite School of Llama event, you can start completing challenges – or ‘tasks’ – from the four Paths displayed on the map, but at the time of writing only Path 1 is available, while Path 2 will unlock on February 14, Path 3 on February 21, and Path 4 on February 28. You also don’t need to complete Paths to unlock the next ones and can freely complete tasks from any Path. You’ll be able to progress these task challenges in any Battle Royale and Zero Build modes.

On the Fortnite School of Llama website, you’ll see a large, fogged up map with different tasks available to complete. As you complete tasks, you can begin working through the Paths, facing more tasks along the way until you eventually hit an obstacle. These obstacles are creator-made challenge islands, and completing the island is the only way to get past the obstacle and reach more of your current Path. There are five of these challenge islands to complete during the School of Llama event. Once you’ve reached the end of a Path, having faced its final task, you’ll get a special ‘main reward’ – more details on those and the other rewards are below.

Fortnite School of Llama rewards

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As I’ve mentioned, each Fortnite School of Llama Path offers its own rewards for completing the challenges it provides, including in-game cosmetics and massive amounts of XP. There are also a few rewards you get for completing other objectives within the School’s Paths, so here are all of the possible in-game rewards as well as how you get them:

  • Witcher’s Silver Sword Pickaxe: Path 1 main reward.
  • Geralt of Rivia Lobby Track by Marcin Przybyłowicz: Path 2 main reward.
  • 80,000 XP: Path 3 and 4 main rewards.
  • School of the Manticore Emoticon and School of the Wolf Spray: Unlock all four main rewards from Paths.
  • School of the Cat Emoticon: Complete all Path 1 tasks.
  • School of the Griffin Emoticon: Complete all Path 2 tasks.
  • School of the Viper Emoticon: Complete all Path 3 tasks.
  • School of the Bear Emoticon: Complete all Path 4 tasks.
  • AXII Sign Banner Icon: Complete the creator-made Axii challenge island.
  • QUEN Sign Banner Icon: Complete the creator-made Fortnite Quen challenge island.
  • AARD Sign Banner Icon: Complete the creator-made Aard challenge island.
  • IGNI Sign Banner Icon: Complete the creator-made Igni challenge island.
  • YRDEN Sign Banner Icon: Complete the creator-made Yrden challenge island.
  • School of Llama Emoticon: Complete all creator-made challenge islands.

Once you’ve met the requirement to get a reward, it will show up on your Fortnite account automatically and there’s nothing else you need to do to claim the reward. Although, be aware that rewards won’t always appear instantly, so be patient or restart the game if you want to speed up the process. You can also unlock the Fortnite Geralt of Rivia skin if you’ve got the Season 1 Battle Pass, as the quest challenges for that are now available to complete.

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