Fortnite Recruitment Posters: Where to place them

One of the Fortnite Recruitment Posters in Anvil Square
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Fortnite Recruitment Posters need to be placed in locations around the island, though it isn't obvious yet exactly who is being signed up and for what purpose. The only information in the description for this quest states you should "Listen with your eyes. We will see you soon. Keep the Peace." and while that doesn't tell us much, things may become much clearer when Fortnite Season 2 arrives later this week. That means there's only a short time left to complete this assignment, so read on for details of where to place Recruitment Posters in Fortnite.

Where are the Fortnite Recruitment Posters

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There are four locations where you can place Recruitment Posters in Fortnite, which directly tie in to the areas you need to visit for the encrypted Fortnite Cipher quests. We've marked them all on the map above, noting that while Shattered Slabs and Lonely Labs only have one poster slot available, Anvil Square has two and Faulty Splits has three. This means if you go to Faulty Splits and place all three possible Fortnite Recruitment Posters, you only need to go to one other location to complete this quest.

How to place Recruitment Posters in Fortnite

One of the Fortnite Recruitment Posters in Lonely Labs

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Once you've found one of the Fortnite Recruitment Posters locations, you just need to interact with the glowing outline on the wall to place it. Here's where you'll find that in each area:

  • In Shattered Slabs you'll find this in the small cave-like opening at the top of the quarry in the northwest corner.
  • In Anvil Square you need to enter the stables building on the east side then smash the locker inside to access the hidden room below, where there are two poster positions.
  • Inside the Splits Bowl at Faulty Splits you can head down the stairs in the corner to find three poster outlines outside the abandoned Cold Blooded vault.
  • If you enter the shipping container sticking out of the snowbank at Lonely Labs then you'll find the final poster slot in the secret room underneath.

Place a total of four Recruitment Posters in Fortnite across these locations and you'll be done with this quest, collecting a 10K XP reward.

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