Fortnite players are already landing wild kamehameha trick shots thanks to the Dragon Ball crossover

Fortnite Dragon Ball Super
(Image credit: Epic Games/Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation)

The Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover is here, and it's one of the more robust collaborations the battle royale game has yet seen - which means that the memes are already hitting hard, and players are putting new items like the Fortnite kamehameha to astounding use.

Throughout battle royale matches, Fortnite Capsule Corp capsules air drops will occasionally provide the kamehameha as an item drop, which you can then consume to charge up and fire Goku's iconic beam attack for some very big damage. Check out the clip below from Twitter user BigFurryBalls for a general idea of what this looks like in action.

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While the added dance move at the end has already sent that video viral, it's not even the most impressive kamehameha shot so far. Something about Goku blowing up a car hits hard.

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Still not impressed? Let's just watch Goku use a kamehameha to snipe a player flying around on the nimbus cloud out of the sky.

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Our own Guides Editor Iain Wilson even got in on the action, by using the kamehameha to rack up two quick eliminations and a Victory Royale.

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Those items and the Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus skins are just the tip of the iceberg for this crossover. The Kame House is now on the main battle royale map, where you can find Bulma and get some powerful items. You can visit a creative mode island to watch a selection of Dragon Ball Super episodes on a big in-game screen. Another island opening on August 19 offers an array of Dragon Ball locations to explore, from Goku's House to the Room of Spirit & Time.

The ranks of the best anime games are getting broader by the day.

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