How to mark enemy players in Fortnite

How to mark enemy players in Fortnite
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Knowing how to mark enemy players in Fortnite is a useful skill, as it allows you to keep track of your opponents when they're out of sight, so you can plan a sneak attack on them or avoid a potential ambush. However, this is currently causing some confusion as one of the Fortnite quests in Week 8 sets the task to mark enemy players or Characters, and although there are multiple ways to do this only a couple of them officially count towards the five marks you need to place for this assignment. To help you get to the bottom of this situation, here's an explanation of exactly what does and doesn't count towards marking enemy players in Fortnite for this quest.

How to mark enemy players or Characters

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To help clear up any confusion, let's first set aside any ways to mark enemy players in Fortnite that don't count towards this quest. Tapping or double-tapping left on the d-pad to 'ping' an enemy player or Character won't register, and if you activate the Bloodhound Fortnite augment then that also won't count if you hit enemies with a marksman rifle to mark them. Furthermore, hiring one of the Fortnite characters such as Insight or Longshot that regularly scans the surrounding area to mark enemies won't help you with this quest either.

How to mark enemy players in Fortnite

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That leaves just two ways to mark enemy players in Fortnite that actually count towards this quest. The first is to activate the Tracker's Armory augment, which grants a Flare Gun and Shadow Tracker Pistol that can both be used to mark enemies or Characters, though you'll need to play for a while before you unlock this new augment for use. The other method is to claim one of the Fortnite Capture Points in named locations, which will mark anyone in the surrounding area once you fully raise the flag. Although it will be down to chance whether any enemy players will be nearby when you trigger this, you should be able to guarantee at least one NPC in proximity at the following named locations:

  • Breakwater Bay
  • Brutal Bastion*
  • Frenzy Fields
  • Shattered Slabs*
  • Steamy Springs

* You may need to wait for the Fortnite Highcard Boss and their henchmen to spawn in these locations first.

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