How to claim Fortnite Capture Points

Fortnite Capture Points
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Claiming Fortnite Capture Points is a great way to dominate a particular location, as once you've raised your flag up the pole you'll be granted a brief period of x-ray vision where you can see every chest and enemy in the nearby area. On top of that, a selection of high-level weapons and items will rain down from the top of the flagpole, which can set you up nicely for the rest of the current Fortnite match. You'll also need to take over areas or emote for five seconds while doing so for various Fortnite quests, so it pays to know where you can find them. If you're ready to plant your flag and take over, then here's where to find and how to claim Capture Points in Fortnite.

Where to find Capture Points in Fortnite

You can find Fortnite Capture Points in each of the nine named locations on the island: 

  • Anvil Square
  • Breakwater Bay
  • Brutal Bastion
  • The Citadel
  • Faulty Splits
  • Frenzy Fields
  • Lonely Labs
  • Shattered Slabs
  • Slappy Shores

We've marked their exact positions on the map below. You'll be able to identify Capture Points in Fortnite when you get near them by spotting the tall flagpole, surrounded by a glowing white ring on the ground.

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How to claim Capture Points in Fortnite

Fortnite Capture Points

(Image credit: Epic Games)

When you approach one of the Fortnite Capture Points and enter the glowing ring encircling it, it will turn from white to blue and the platform of flags will gradually start rising up the pole, with your progress towards claiming it also show by a circle filling up around a flag icon. As long as you remain within proximity you'll continue claiming the Capture Point, though if another player enters the ring it will turn red and your progress will be stalled. You can leave the flag and return to it later once the threat has been dealt with, to continue claiming it from where you left off before. Make sure you drop in an emote while doing this or shortly afterwards, so you can get that quest ticked off your list.

Fortnite Capture Points

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Once you fill the progress bar completely and claim the Fortnite Capture Point, a selection of rare weapons, items, ammo, and mats will spawn above the pole and rain down, while the flags will be replaced with your personal banner. For a period of time after you claim it, you'll be able to view all of the chests in the area highlighted in yellow – handy if you're scanning the location to find Fortnite Oathbound Chests – while any enemies will be tagged in red so you can see them coming. This effect will eventually expire, but while it's active it will allow you to dominate the area around the Capture Point you've claimed.

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