Find all the Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces locations and solve the challenge

This week there are 7 Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces to find for the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges. They're scattered around the world, hidden in basements and make a hard to miss rattling noise. There are 16 in total so you shouldn't have to go far to find what you need and, when you get all seven pieces, the puzzle is complete and you get to see what it is...

To help you achieve that, here are all Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces locations: 

Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces locations

As we mentioned, the pieces make a distinctive baby rattle noise when you're near them so as soon as you approach a house with one in, you'll know. They're in the basement remember - so either find the stairs down or smash your way through the ceiling. A few places, like the mansion, have hidden or concealed basements with no obviously entrance. 

Here's the full list: 

  • B2 - Church in Haunted Hills
  • C4 - House with fallen tree southwest of Pleasant Park
  • A5 - Second house in Snobby Shores moving north to south
  • A5 - Last house in Snobby Shores moving north to south
  • A6 - House south of Snobby Shores
  • C7 - Durrr Burger in Greasy Grove 
  • C7 - Shack south of Greasy Grove
  • D6 - Basement/garage in southwest Tilted Towers
  • D7 - House west of Shifty Shafts
  • E9 - Building northeast of Flush Factory
  • F7 - Blue house in Salty Springs
  • H6 - Small ruined house in Retail Row
  • J6 - Mansion near Lonely Lodge
  • G2 - House west of Risky Reels
  • G3 - House southwest of Risky Reels
  • I2 - House east of Risky Reels

And here's each one marked out to make them easier to find: 

Church in Haunted Hills, B2

You find one Fortnite Puzzle Piece under the church in Haunted Hills, which can be reached by a hole in the wall around the back.  

House with the fallen tree, southwest of Pleasant Park, C4

The Fortnite puzzle piece in Pleasant Park is located in the building with the broken tree on top at C4.

Snobby Shores, second building down from the north, A5

The first of two Fornite puzzle pieces in Snobby Shores is located in the second building, moving from north to south, in grid A5.

Snobby Shores, most southern building, A5

The second Snobby Shores puzzle piece can be found in the basement of the most southern building, at A5. 

House south of Snobby Shores,  A6

Another Fortnite puzzle piece can be found in the house south of Snobby Shores, grid A6.

Durrr Burger basement, Greasy Grove, C7

Head over to Greasy Grove and there’s one in the basement of the Durrr Burger Restaurant, this is in grid C7.

Shack south of Greasy Grove, C7

Head south of Greasy Grove, towards the edge of the map you’ll find a shack on a hill, this one has a basement with a hidden Fortnite puzzle piece inside. Grid C7.

House west of Shifty Shafts, D7

The house towards the west of Shifty Shafts has a basement, and there’s another Fortnite puzzle piece hiding in here. This is in grid D7.

Building near Flush Factory, E9

The small depot area north east of Flush Factory has one Fortnite puzzle piece, hidden in the south west building basement, it usually has a chest in it too. Grid E9

Blue house in Salty Springs, F7

In Salty Springs you’ll find one a Fortnite puzzle piece the secret basement of the blue house. Grid F7.

Ruined house in Retail Row, H6

Retail Row has a Fortnite puzzle piece hiding in in the small ruined house near the centre. This is in grid H6.

Mansion, J6

A quiet one to find, usually: there’s a Fortnite puzzle piece hiding in the mansion on the most eastern side of the map. Head down to the secret basement and you’ll find one jiggling. Grid J6.

House east of Risky Reels, I2

East of Risky Reels and you’ll find a Fortnite puzzle piece in a house, I2.

House west of Risky Reels, G2

To the west of Risky Reels and you’ll find a pair of houses, one has a basement with a Fortnite puzzle piece in. Grid G2.

South West of Risky Reels, G3

Now head south of Risky, where there's another pair of houses, and if you look in the  basement: a Fortnite puzzle piece. Grid G3.

Underground garage, Tilted Towers, D6

Probably the trickiest Fortnite puzzle piece to find is in Tilted Towers because... Tilted. We're not sure if it's a technically a basement; more of an underground garage but find the most south western building, head down and there's a Fortnite puzzle piece all the same. 

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