Where to find all of the Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces under bridges and in caves

If you're not a Fortnite veteran then you may not remember the Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces that originally appeared back in Season 5, but if you do then one of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for Week 8 of Season 8 may look familiar. These hidden collectibles are distributed around the island under bridges and in caves, and make a distinctive rattling sound as you get close to them. There are 16 of these jigsaw pieces in total, although you only need to search seven of them to complete the Weekly Challenge and reveal the solution to the puzzle. To help you on your way, we've found all of the Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Piece locations, so you can grab the ones easiest for you to reach.

We have a complete walkthrough of all 16 Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Piece locations in our video below:

Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces locations

As we mentioned previously, the Fortnite Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces make an obvious rattling noise when you're near them, so as soon as you approach a bridge or cave that's hiding one then you should know pretty quickly. A few of the caves are fairly tucked away, so take a look through the images if you're not sure where to go. Here's the full list of locations:

  • E3: Cave in the umbrella southeast of The Block
  • G3: Cave behind the buildings in east Lazy Lagoon, behind some planks
  • I4: Temple entrance between Sunny Steps and Lonely Lodge
  • I5: Lonely Lodge cave directly south of the main building
  • E5: Cave under northeast corner of Tilted Towers
  • D6: Inside road tunnel in Tilted Towers behind a truck
  • D7: Inside caves below Shifty Shafts in the northeast corner
  • E8: Under orange bridge southeast of Shifty Shafts
  • B9: Trog's cave next to the freezer 
  • F9: Under wooden covered bridge on the west side by a support strut
  • F8: Cave between the parallel excavations northwest of Fatal Fields
  • G8: Small cave tunnel directly east of the main Fatal Fields corn field
  • G8: Larger cave just north of the previous one in Fatal Fields
  • G7: Under wooden bridge southeast of Salty Springs near a wrecked building
  • H7: Under metal side of the broken bridge opposite the Pirate Camp
  • H9: Under road bridge southwest of Paradise Palms

And here's each one marked out to make them easier to find: 

Umbrella Cave, E3

In the umbrella shaped excavation southeast of The Block, at the bottom of the handle behind a wooden wall.

Lazy Lagoon Cave, G3

In the cave behind the buildings on the east side of Lazy Lagoon, behind some planks.

Temple Entrance, I4

Southwest of the volcano, between Sunny Steps and Lonely Lodge, inside an inaccessible temple entrance.

Lonely Lodge Cave, I5

Directly south of the main building in Lonely Lodge, tucked in a cave where a chest often spawns.

Tilted Towers Cave, E5

In the cave under the northeast corner of Tilted Towers, above the river.

Tilted Towers Tunnel, D6

Inside the road tunnel running underneath Tilted Towers, behind a truck.

Shifty Shafts Cave, D7

Inside the underground area of Shifty Shafts, in the northeast corner.

Shifty Shafts Orange Bridge, E8

Under the west side of the orange bridge found southeast of Shifty Shafts.

Trog's Cave, B9

Inside Trog's cave in the southwest corner of the snowy biome, next to a fridge.

Lucky Landing Wooden Bridge, F9

Under the west side of the covered wooden bridge, to the northwest of Lucky Landing.

Fatal Fields Cutlery Cave, F8

In the cave between the knife and fork shaped excavations to the northwest of Fatal Fields.

Fatal Fields East Tunnel, G8

In the short tunnel directly east of the main corn field in Fatal Fields.

Fatal Fields East Cave, G8

Inside the slightly more substantial cave northeast of Fatal Fields, just north of the previous tunnel.

Salty Springs Wooden Bridge, G7

Under the wooden bridge found to the east of Salty Springs.

Paradise Palms Broken Bridge, H7

Under the metal side of the broken bridge opposite one of the Fortnite Pirate Camps on the edge of the desert biome.

Paradise Palms Road Bridge, H9

Under the road bridge southwest of Paradise Palms, with a truck directly on top.

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