It looks like Fortnite is getting an It: Chapter Two crossover event

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

With It: Chapter Two just days away, Fortnite appears to be drumming up a crossover event for the upcoming horror film. As multiple Reddit users reported, curious red balloons have appeared all over the game's map, from Salty Springs to Pleasant Park. These balloons seem to be attached to drains, and if that weren't obvious enough, you also hear a creepy laugh if you interact with them. Either Pennywise is behind this or Epic is ringing in the Halloween season extremely early.

Epic has yet to officially announce the It: Chapter Two crossover, but assuming this is more than a passing Easter egg, the frightening festivities will probably kick off on or shortly before the film's release this Friday, September 6. The Avengers: Endgame crossover kicked off the day before the film's initial release (and two days before its international release), and I'm guessing the timeline here will be about the same. It'll be interesting to see what kind of content the event actually adds. A skin based on Pennywise the iconic clown would certainly be memorable, I'll give you that, but what about a red balloon glider?

The Borderlands 3 Fortnite event is still in our rear-view mirror, but Epic always has room for a pop culture crossover. We've seen John Wick and the Avengers, so what's one more movie tie-in? Hell, at this rate, maybe we'll see some of the Fortnite crossovers we speculated about just last week - I'm still holding out for Monster Hunter World, especially after the thrills described in our Monster Hunter World: Iceborne review.

If you're excited for the film itself, check out our It: Chapter Two review. Here's a tasty excerpt: "Themes of memory, identity and trauma run deep, and viewers can expect shivers aplenty."

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