What movie or game should Fortnite crossover with next?

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This week there's a new Borderlands 3 themed Rift Zone titled "Fortnite x Mayhem" and a matching Psycho/Claptrap cosmetic pack in the game store. Fornite has a history of teaming up with its movie and gaming friends, from Marvel's Thanos to John Wick, and it got us thinking about what we want the Epic boffins to feature next. 

This is the latest in a series of big questions we'll be interrogating our writers with, so share your answers and suggestions for topics with us on Twitter.  

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 

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Isn't the world filled with too much fighting, anger and negativity already? Why not bridge the gap between console wars, and battle royale rivalries by doing a special event that crosses the two biggest of them all – Fortnite, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Imagine what Fortnite would look like with realistic textures, or borrowing PUBG's more earthy color palettes for a week? Perhaps some PUBG characters could emerge through the void like some kind of time-travelling soldiers. Sure, it'll never happen, but it would be nice to see the wider battle royale community come together for a little spell anyway. Sam Loveridge

Gears of War

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If you thought Thanos was an absolute unit, imagine playable Marcus Fenix. I firmly believe that man in full gear is as big, if not bigger, than Thanos. Nothing would make you feel more imposing in a game about building and shooting than a man who can probably run straight through the side of a solid structure and come out the other end in one piece, with a gruff retort at the ready. Give me Golden Lancers that I can chainsaw people with. Give me Augustus "Cole Train" Cole in full Thrashball gear. Throw a handful of Locusts into the mix just to make me go "Ewwwww, gross." CoG t-shirts and Locust hats and a Carmine brother that gets ceremoniously thrown under a Brute at the start of every match, because that's what they are there for. It's meant to be. Maybe Gears and Epic can have a lovely little reunion. Alyssa Mercante

Star Wars


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Sometimes an idea is so bleeding obvious that no one will make the case for it. Well, I’m here to suggest Fortnite X Star Wars.

There’s just so much to mine from the decades of films, comics, and semi-canon games that it’s hard to know where to start. Shooting Jar-Jar; blowing up Jar-Jar; leaving Jar-Jar to die in the storm – those are three off the top of my head.

Plus, there’s all the add-ons to consider. You’ll be sure to fork out some V-Bucks for the latest Star Wars 9 skin or maybe even a ‘Hello there’ emote. Throw in a golden lightsaber (eat your heart out, Sam Jackson) and a Limited Time Mode revolving around getting the higher ground and I think we’d be on to a winner.

Oh, and here are three words just in case you’re not already convinced: dabbing Darth Maul. Bradley Russell

Monster Hunter World 

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Monster Hunter is no stranger to silly crossovers. We've had Mario Palicoes, Metroid bowguns, Zelda swords, and more recently, Mega Man, Final Fantasy 14, and Horizon: Zero Dawn crossovers in Monster Hunter World. Fortnite is as open to crossovers as Monster Hunter, and I reckon monsters and hunting tools could be fun additions to Epic's battle royale shooter. You could turn shields into mega potions, trade some guns for bowguns, add a Glider Mantle parachute, or even replace some vehicles with the new ridable monsters coming in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The monsters would be the star of the attraction, though. You know those boring-old dinosaur models just sitting in the desert? Let's swap those for, say, Anjanath, Diablos, and Deviljho - and maybe bring them to life while we're at it. Now that'd be a crossover to see. Austin Wood


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How Epic Games and The Lego Company haven't already teamed up for some cleverly devised cross-promotion is beyond me, but there's still hope for these two titans of children's entertainment yet. Here's the plan: to celebrate the release of a new lineup of Fortnite Lego sets (not yet confirmed, but undoubtedly inevitable), Epic works with TT Games - developer of the Lego games series - to bring its world of bricks and blocks to battle royale. We're talking Minifig costumes, Batman cameos.. the whole works. Just imagine building your favourite Fortnite defence tower out of corner plates, roof tiles, and those adorable little Lego windows, and tell me I'm crazy. Hell, I'd even throw in an extra buck or two for a Bionicle backpack pet. Alex Avard

Frog Fractions

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I remain unconvinced that Fortnite is not already Frog Fractions. That a game first announced in 2011 as a co-op builder would then become a battle royale game and global phenomenon in 2018 seems less likely than the whole thing being another carefully orchestrated deception by Frog Fractions developer Twinbeard. Soon the jig will be up and we'll realize that we were playing Frog Fractions 3 all along, and then Twinbeard will sneak off and start working on Frog Fractions 4. Failing that, it would be funny to see Fortnite turn all of its players into cartoon frogs that shoot nonsensical equations at each other. Remember to check the bottom of the pond for better weapons! Connor Sheridan

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