Fortnite re-enables shopping carts after almost a week gone, enjoy them while they last

Update: Fortnite has re-enabled shopping carts once again o the Fortnite map, a little less than a week after taking them out of the game on June 20. That was actually the fifth time in under ten days that Epic had either enabled or disabled the two-person vehicles (seemingly in response to exploit-enabling glitches and other bugs), so I wouldn't be surprised if carts disappear once again sometime soon. Better enjoy them while they last!

Fortnite has had a tough time over the last few weeks - and no, I'm not talking about crossplay and account locking concerns, I'm talking about shopping carts. The two-person vehicle was added to the game back on May 30, prompting tons of memorable chaos as players figured out how to use them effectively (or just had a fun-as-hell time launching off ramps in carts). 

Unfortunately, some learned a little too well, and cart-derived geometry exploits (on top of other issues) have led Epic Games to disable, enable, and re-enable them no less than five times over the last ten days. Here's a complete timeline of the repeated rise and fall of Fortnite carts, pulled straight from the game's official Twitter account. 

Shopping carts are introduced on May 30

Shopping carts are first disabled on June 11

Shopping carts are re-enabled (for a bit) on June 14

Shopping carts are disabled again on June 16

Shopping carts triumphantly return on June 20...

Until shopping carts are taken out again hours later

That brings us to the present, with shopping carts once again being banished to the netherworld after a scant few hours rolling threatening across the hills of Battle Royale. These things are turning out to be more trouble than Guided Missiles! Though as far as I can tell, most folks seem to like shopping carts and want them to stay in the game - just not the associated exploits that let people glitch under the map and kill you with impunity.

If and when Epic Games reenables shopping carts in Fortnite, we'll let you know. Hopefully it takes its time and the situation's fully resolved before they make a comeback, though. This kind of story is funny to write, but honestly, I'd rather just get back to enjoying all those ridiculous cart plays.

If the cart indecisiveness is too much for you, maybe give some of these games like Fortnite a try. 

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