Where to find the Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader head

Fortnite giant pink cuddle team leader bear head at rave cave
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You’ll find the giant Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader head on top of Rave Cave, and emoting inside it for five seconds will complete a weekly challenge! However, getting inside the massive, pink bear head can be a little tricky, as there are multiple routes inside, each with their own limitations. This Fortnite knowledge will help you with current and possibly future challenges, so bear it in mind to get some easy XP. Here’s what you need to know about finding the giant Cuddle Team Leader head in Fortnite and how you can get inside it.

How to find and get inside the giant Cuddle Team Leader head in Fortnite

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The giant Cuddle Team Leader head can be easily spotted at the top of Rave Cave, which is in the northwest area of the Fortnite map. It’s not hard to miss and you probably already knew where it was anyway, but the challenging part is knowing how to get inside. There are several possible routes you can take:

The Screwballer – you either walk along the tracks of the Screwballer rollercoaster or you can find yourself one of the Fortnite Ballers and ride along the whole thing. Since it’s a big loop, you’ll eventually make your way into the Cuddle Team Leader head regardless of which way you travel along the Screwballer tracks.

North zipline – on the north-facing side of the Cuddle Team Leader head, you can find a vertical zipline that takes you directly up and into the head. You’ll need to get to the Rave Cave exterior and then must climb up a fair bit of the hill to reach the bottom of the zipline cable.

Glide after dropping – If you get lucky with a good Battle Bus drop line that goes very close to Rave Cave, you’ll easily be able to reach the Cuddle Team Leader head by gliding over to it. The head is very high up, so make sure you deploy your Glider early so that you can float down onto it.

Fortnite character emoting in giant pink cuddle team leader bear head at rave cave

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you’re inside the caring bear’s head, you’ll find a fair bit of loot lying around and some chests, which might contain some game-winning goodies. Since it’s hard to get to, you probably won’t be bothered by other players either. Also, while you’re up there, make sure you emote for five seconds to complete one of the week 13 Fortnite quests and bag yourself a nice 15,000 XP to boost your Battle Pass level.

The end of the Fortnite Season 3, Chapter 3 is approaching, so make sure you’ve completed as many quests as possible for XP and rewards, such as the Fortnite Indiana Jones quests.

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