Fornite gas stations: Where to spray different gas station locations in the Fortnite

This week there’s a mission to spray different gas stations, which isn’t too much of an ask as long as you know where you’re going, and we’ve got all the Fortnite gas station locations right here so you can drop in, spray... and pray no one shoots you while you're working on this entry in the Fortnite Spray and Pray challenges.

There are eight Fortnite gas stations in total in Fortnite and you need to spray three for the mission. Although right now the one in Neo Tilted isn’t there while the Rift Zone turns the location into Tilted Town. There’s still seven to choose from so you shouldn’t have any trouble ticking off the three you need. There’s also a chance that the Rift could remove or change other gas stations in the coming Fortnite Season 10 weeks, so we've marked them all on just to be sure. 

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Fortnite Gas Stations 

(Image credit: Epic)

1. Pleasant park

Pleasant park fortnite gas station

(Image credit: Epic)

On the east edge of Pleasant Park there’s a Park N Gas you can deface for the challenge. It’s a fairly popular drop point though so maybe one to catch after you’ve landed and tooled up.

2. South of pleasant park

South of pleasant park Fortnite gas station

(Image credit: Epic)

There’s an isolated gas station on the road just south of Pleasant Park. It’s probably a good one to grab on the drop as you’ll likely be undisturbed and can probably sneak up to Pleasant after the initial rush to tool up. 

3. North of Polar peak 

(Image credit: Epic)

By the little sports complex with the indoor football pitch there’s a gas station next to the diner. If no one else lands there it's a great place to grab a spray and some gear. 

4. Neo Tilted 

Okay, there’s not one here right now, but there would be if the place hadn’t been dragged through the past and turned into Tilted Town. We’ll leave it marked for now in case Neo Tilted comes back later. 

5. Salty Springs

Salty Springs Fortnite gas station

(Image credit: Epic)

There’s a Gas N Pass on the north side of Salty Springs which is probably best visited after the mad rush at the start of a game. 

6. North of Lucky Landing

(Image credit: Epic)

The gas station just north of Luck Landing can be easy to miss if you’re in a rush because it’s nestled in dip in the landscape and under some trees. It does mean you’ll be sheltered as you spray at least. 

7. East of Paradise Palms

East of Paradise Palms Fortnite gas station

(Image credit: Epic)

You can’t miss the Truck N Oasis on the edge of the desert. It’s right on the southern edge of the map just where the road goes from sand to grass.

8. Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms fortnnite gas station

(Image credit: Epic)

There’s a Station 99 by the road where it leaves the southern side of Paradise Palms. It can feel a little open and exposed but there are a lot of walls around the other buildings for a little cover. 

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