Fortnite Fishing Frenzy gives out real trophies for whoever gets the biggest catch

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The Fortnite Fishing Frenzy is kicking off this weekend, giving everybody who takes the time to put down their weapons and pick up their fishing poles a chance to win a real-life prize. The event will challenge players to catch the most fish possible in several different categories, winning a major award in the form of an engraved llama trophy to commemorate their efforts. Don't worry if you're worried your fishing skills aren't quite up to snuff, because there are some in-game prizes that anybody can win as well.

Here's when you can start fishing for gold. Metaphorically, I mean - you're actually fishing for fish. In Fortnite. Real fish don't count.

Start Date: Friday, November 22 at 5 am PST / 8 am EST / 1 pm GMT
End Date: Sunday, November 24 at 5 am PST / 8 am EST / 1 pm GMT

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you use a fishing rod at any point during the event, you'll be awarded the Play to Win spray. You'll also have a chance to fish up the long-awaited Fortnite Mythic Goldfish during the event. If you do, you'll be awarded the in-game prize of the Bottom Dweller Pickaxe. There will also be four categories to compete for, each of which will have a separate leaderboard for every server region (except for US East and West, which will share a board).

Top Angler: Catch the most fish in a single match
Small Fry Champion: Catch the most Small Fry during the event
Flopper Champion: Catch the most Floppers during the event
Slurpfish Champion: Catch the most Slurpfish during the event

Each category's winner will get that fabulous llama trophy and the satisfaction of knowing they hauled a whole lot of virtual fish out of the virtual water. You can check the leaderboards for North America and Europe to see how your catch is faring compared to the rest of your region. Lastly, there are two catches: you must have Fortnite 2FA Two-Factor Authentication enabled to get your prizes, and Harpoon Gun fishing doesn't count. Neither does dressing up as Fishstick and letting your friends haul you in.

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