Fortnite Coins - How to collect coins in Fortnite Featured Creative Islands

Fortnite coins are the subject for one of the new Fortnite Overtime Challenges, though they can't be found in battle royale mode. Put on your red cap and blue dungarees, because you need to channel your inner Mario to find 15 coins in Featured Creative Islands in Fortnite. If you've not played around in Creative mode yet then this may not be the most intuitive thing to find, so follow our guide and we'll show you exactly how you can collect those Fortnite coins.

If you solely play Fortnite Battle Royale, then you won't have come across coins before because they're a relatively new addition to Fortnite Creative. In certain Fortnite Creative codes - custom maps created by members of the community - you'll find coins, which are essentially just there as collectibles to mark your progress through the maps.

Featured Creative Islands, on the other hand, are the four available custom maps on the Creative spawn island. You'll see a number of rifts around the snowy area, each with a title and the name of the player who made the map. To complete the challenge and collect 15 coins in Fortnite Featured Creative Islands, you simply have to collect enough coins from playing the worlds presented to you at the start.

It's that simple! Some of the islands may have coins laying everywhere, while others might use coins more sparingly, hidden in nooks and crannies. Try out the different featured creative islands and find one with a good distribution of Fortnite coins, then simply replay it enough times to hit you target and complete the challenge.

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