Fortnite Birthday Quests, Birthday Cake locations, and rewards

Fortnite Birthday Quests 2022
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The Fortnite Birthday Quests are back for 2022, and can you really believe that the battle royale has now been running for a whole five years?! Of course, at anniversary time it's customary that Fortnite Birthday Cakes are served across the island in all of the named locations, while the Battle Bus has been to the paint shop for a makeover and a funky calypso birthday tune now plays as you decide where to drop. It's officially party time in Fortnite, and you're all invited!

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Although the birthday cakes take center stage during this event, there are also Fortnite Birthday Presents to find and throw to access high-tier weapons, as well as Fortnite Balloons to deploy so you can soar high into the air and get an overview of the whole area around you. With exclusive reward items to add to your locker for ticking off these challenges it's well worth attending the festivities, but the celebrations end on September 27 so don't leave it too late to complete these Fortnite Birthday Quests.

Fortnite Birthday Quests 2022

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For this year's fifth birthday celebrations, you need to complete these three Fortnite Birthday Quests:

  • Consume Birthday Cake in different matches (5)
  • Throw Birthday Presents (5)
  • Use Balloons in a single match (5)

The main thing to remember is that these quests are easy to the point of not really needing any effort to complete – it's a celebration after all, so the focus is more on showing up, playing Fortnite and having fun. The rewards are more about having a souvenir than proving anything about your playing ability, so just enjoy yourself and you'll be literally covered in cake before you know it.

Fortnite Birthday Quests Rewards

Fortnite Birthday Quests Rewards 2022

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Each Fortnite Birthday Quest has a fixed reward, and there are three items in total to unlock from the The Big 0-5 set. You'll receive them for these quests as you progress:

  • Consume Birthday Cake in different matches - Fuzzfetti Cake back bling
  • Throw Birthday Presents - Sparklecake spray
  • Use Balloons in a single match - Celebratory Slice harvesting tool

Fortnite Birthday Cake locations 

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There are large Fortnite Birthday Cakes dotted all around the island in every named location, and we've marked their locations on the map above so you can go directly to them – handy when lots of other players are also trying to visit them. For one of the Fortnite Birthday Quests you have to consume Birthday Cake in five different matches, so interact with the slices laid out around the main dessert and you'll receive a health and shield boost as well.

Fortnite Birthday Presents and Balloons locations

Fortnite Birthday Presents

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The other quests require you to throw five Fortnite Birthday Presents and use five Fortnite Balloons in a single match, and these are somewhat tougher as these gift boxes and inflatables can only be found as random floor loot, so it is somewhat down to luck if and when you discover them. Our best advice is to search in and around buildings at built-up areas, while keeping an eye out for the glowing gold gifts or blue Balloon packets and grabbing one if you spot it.

Once you pick up a Fortnite Birthday Present you'll then need to aim and throw to deploy it, and don't forget to smash your way inside afterwards to find a high-rarity weapon. For the Fortnite Balloons, you can only attach up to three on yourself at a time, so you'll need to release a few and then deploy more to ensure you use five in the same match.

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