Fortnite Bastion Outposts: Where to visit them

One of the Fortnite Bastion Outposts with another in the background
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Bastion Outposts have been on the island since the start of the season, although this is the first time they've specifically been referenced by that name. That means they could feel unfamiliar if you've seen them called out in the Fortnite Cipher Quests as locations you need to visit, but don't worry as they're pretty easy to track down when you know what you're looking for. They're all actually visible on the main map screen, albeit unmarked, so here's where you need to go to visit Bastion Outposts in Fortnite.

Where are the Bastion Outposts in Fortnite

(Image credit: Epic Games)

There are a total of four Fortnite Bastion Outposts, which perhaps unsurprisingly are all located around the Brutal Bastion named location up in the snowy biome to the northeast end of the island. All four of them are landmarks, which I've marked on the map as follows:

  1. Solitary Shrine
  2. The Stone Tower
  3. Aegis Temple
  4. The Hall of Whispers

For the related quest, you need to visit three Bastion Outposts in Fortnite, which means you don't have to go to all of them – I recommend leaving out The Hall of Whispers, as the other three are much closer together. If you grab one of the Fortnite dirt bikes in this area you can quickly whizz past all of them, as you don't need to go inside or anything other than 'visit' by simply passing through each place. You also don't need to visit all three Fortnite Bastion Outposts in the same match, though they do have to be three different ones so try to keep track of the locations you've already been to and avoid doubling up.

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