Forspoken Tantas explained and how to get more magic

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The Forspoken Tantas are the main big bads of the world of Athia, and taking down three of them in climactic boss fights rewards you with a new magic type and spell set. The Tantas are god-like beings in the world of Athia, but they’ve become evil and corrupt, so it’s down to Frey to put a stop to their schemes – there’s a lot more to them, but that’s for you to uncover as you play. There’s no chance that you’ll miss facing off against the Tantas either as you have to fight three of them in the Forspoken story. Here’s what you need to know about facing the Forspoken Tantas, as well as a bit of lore if you’re interested in that.

Beware – some spoilers for Forspoken’s story below!

How to find and beat the Tantas in Forspoken

In short, the Forspoken Tantas are the primary antagonists of the game. There are four in total, but you’ll face only three of them over the course of Frey’s journey through Athia. The Forspoken Tantas are:

  • Tanta Sila: Found in Praenost to the southeast and possesses fiery Red Magic.
  • Tanta Prav: Found in Avoalet to the south and uses water-based Blue Magic.
  • Tanta Olas: Found in Visoria to the west and uses a mix of air and lightning attacks for Green Magic.

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Magic explained

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Spells, magic, types, and whatnot can get pretty confusing, especially in the heat of battle, so out Forspoken Magic and best spells guide should help you out

During Forspoken’s story, you’ll journey to each of the cities (also referred to as realms) to face the Tantas, so there’s no chance that you’ll miss them and no need to go freely exploring the open world in search of them. Each one is a tricky boss fight that’ll test your mastery of Frey’s magical abilities, but you’ll be rewarded with a new spell set to expand Frey’s magic repertoire beyond Forspoken Purple Magic. These spell sets are styled around an element, such as fire or water, and have unique playstyles and abilities. For example, compared to Frey’s ranged, earth-based magic that she starts with, Tanta Sila’s magic is focused more on blazing melee attacks.

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During the boss fights, the Tantas hit hard, attack relatively quickly, and use attacks that are difficult to block or totally unblockable. You’ll need to make sure you use the environment and your parkour movement to stay out of danger, either by seeking cover or adeptly dodging attacks – make sure you’ve also filled your healing draught pouch. One of our Forspoken tips is that facing opponents head on is rarely effective, and the same goes for the Tantas, so you’ll need to be constantly moving to hit them from behind or at their sides. The Tantas are also immune to a quite a few status ailments and effects, so try to use all your Support Magic abilities to see which ones are most effective while you launch Attack Magic spells.

Who are the Forspoken Tantas?

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How long to beat?

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Forspoken's story isn't as long as many other Action RPGs, taking potentially less than 30 hours. "How long is Forspoken?" is answered here.

If it’s Forspoken Tanta lore you’re after, here’s what you need to know. The four Tantas – Sila, Prav, Olas, and Cinta – are supremely powerful, magic-using rulers of Athia. They used to be just and good leaders, but have since turned into oppressive tyrants as a result of the Break. Now they preside over their own cities in Athia, with Cipal being one of the last places safe from the Break in Athia.

They’re central to the story, so you’ll be learning a lot about them as you play and read various lore entries found in the Archive menu. At the start of the game, it’s not clear if the Break caused the Tantas to turn or if the Tantas brought about the Break themselves, but you’ll learn more about this mystery and the world of Athia as you progress. The Tales of the Tantas series of lore entries suggests that the Tantas actually created Athia and constructed “realms, and castles, and all manner of other wonders” to make the population happy. You will have also noticed that Tanta Cinta – the Tanta of Love and ruler of Junoon – does not get her own boss fight, and you’ll learn more about her as you play too.

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