How long is Forspoken and how many chapter are there?

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The question, “How long is Forspoken?” might seem straightforward, but the game is so open, and its chapters rarely force a critical path, so the answer can vary wildly. Depending on what, exactly, you set about doing within the fantasy world of Athia, you could see Forspoken play times increase or decrease dramatically. To help reach a ballpark figure, however, we’ve pulled together some information to better understand just how much time might be invested in Forespoken overall.

How long is Forspoken?

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In total, Forspoken plays out over the course of 12 different chapters which vary in length and difficulty - you'll be fighting Forspoken Tantas along the way as they're the main antagonists. I managed to make it through the entire game in roughly 23 hours, but that was with a not-insignificant amount of exploration. I’ve also seen folks complete the game in as little as 16 hours by largely ignoring the enticing markers of its open world, and that number likely only goes further down by, for example, lowering the difficulty and focusing entirely on the game’s critical path.

Beyond that, there are two other tangents that are relevant to exactly how long the game is. While rolling credits took me 23 hours, the game itself actually continues on beyond that with several areas and quests that were not available prior to beating the final boss. In this way, Forspoken… never really ends. On the other hand, there’s actually a binary choice just before the last chapter that rolls credits then, which only takes off a small sliver of time but is worth mentioning.

In other words, Forspoken will let you play it until you are tired of doing it, but if you’re looking to just complete the critical path in a natural way, expect that to take around 22 to 23 hours. There’s also just so much to do on the map that even brief detours can add several hours to the experience in the end.

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