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Forspoken Purple Magic is one type of magic that Frey masters during the game, and its attached stat increases the power of Purple Magic spells in combat. When you first reach Athia and begin using Frey’s magic powers, you’ll be stuck with just Purple Magic – a particular elemental flavor of magic based around earthy rock spells. Forspoken’s entire combat system relies entirely on these flashy spells, so it’s important to know the ins and outs of Frey’s magical abilities and important stats. Here’s what you need to know about Purple Magic in Forspoken and what exactly the Purple Magic stat means.

What is Purple Magic in Forspoken?

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As we’ve mentioned, Purple Magic is just one of several types of Forspoken magic and the one Frey starts with - it's also referred to as "Frey's Magic" in some menus. It comes with an array of earthy Attack, Support, and Surge Magic spells focused on firing rock projectiles and using plants to restrain and damage foes or heal Frey. You can spend your Mana on unlocking these abilities, from powerful Scatter Shot and Shield Shot attacks, to flower turrets and rock trip mines.

Forspoken purple magic gear stats

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Forspoken tips

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Want some help getting to grips with magical combat? We've got some Forspoken tips that should help you out

Confusingly, there’s also a “Purple Magic” stat found on the Gear page, and it’s initially not clear as to how you go about increasing this statistic or what it even does. We’ve played through all of Forspoken and from what we can gather, the Purple Magic stat increases the power of all your Purple Magic spells, increasing their damage.

To increase your Purple Magic stat, you’ll need to unlock Gear and apply particular upgrades. Cloak and Necklace gear items have inherent stat boosts, but you can apply particular ones through crafting upgrades. Purple Magic boosts are one of the upgrades you can get for your Gear, so if you want to specialize in Purple Magic, we suggest you increase your Purple Magic stat as much as possible. There are other magic types that you'll unlock through the story by facing the Forspoken Tantas too.

All Forspoken Purple Magic spells

Forspoken purple magic spells skill tree

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These are all of the Purple Magic spells and abilities in Forspoken. You’ll start with some of them already unlocked, but most you’ll need to unlock by spending Mana. There are a few you’ll get through story progression or though Founts of Blessing.

  • Shot – Attack: Frey’s standard Purple Magic attack. Rapidly press R2 to fire a burst of three small rocks followed by one larger one.
  • Burst Shot – Attack: Hold R2 to charge up and fire an explosive chunk of rock. Increase the rock’s size by charging for longer. Can be upgraded to level 3.
  • Shield Shot – Attack: Hold R2 to create a defensive rock shield, release to blast the shield into damaging fragments. Can be upgraded to level 3.
  • Scatter Shot – Attack: Hold R2 to fire a steady steam of small rock projectiles and charge up a high-damage shot. Release R2 once fully charged to fire the high-damage shot. Can be upgraded to level 3.
  • Bind – Support: Hold and release L2 to tangle enemies in a small area.
  • Disperse – Support: Hold and release L2 to create a flowery turret that launches rocks at enemies.
  • Leach – Support: Press L2 to cure the poison status ailment.
  • Screen – Support: Press L2 to surround yourself with stones that defend against enemy attacks.
  • Tendril – Support: Press L2 to swing a large ivy whip that deals damage all around Frey and heals her based on the damage dealt.
  • Implant – Support: Press L2 to throw seed into enemies that deal damage over time.
  • Prime – Support: Hold and release L2 to create a magic trip mine that explodes when stepped on.
  • Burrow – Support: Press L2 to send out item-seeking roots. Your Support Magic abilities recharge faster based on how much loot the roots find.
  • Genesis – Surge: Press L2 and R2 to create a wave of barbed branches in front of you, dealing lots of damage. Can be upgraded to level 3.

These parkour and passive abilities are tied to the Forspoken Purple Magic skill tree but can still be used even when you’re using a different magic type:

  • Flow – Parkour: Hold Circle and use the left stick to move at high speeds.
  • Leap – Parkour: Use the left stick and Circle while in the air and facing a wall to kick off and climb higher.
  • Shimmy – Parkour: Press X when landing from the air to kick off the ground and accelerate.
  • Modify – Crafting: Can turn Breaksharks into shards of other types.
  • Rarify – Crafting: Can combine Breakshards of the same type to improve their level.
  • Vivify – Crafting: Can improve the amount of health given by a necklace.
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