Forget petting, Final Fantasy 16 lets you fight alongside the dog

Final Fantasy 16
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 has an easier difficulty setting for players and a dog that fights alongside you regardless of what mode you pick.

Yesterday at The Game Awards 2022, Final Fantasy 16's release date was revealed with a flashy new trailer. Today though, Square Enix has taken to the PlayStation Blog to reveal several further details of the game, most notably an easier Story mode for players.

There are two modes in Final Fantasy 16: story mode and action mode. The former is easier, sometimes activating dodge moves for players, and letting Eikon summon attacks be triggered with simpler button combinations. The action mode, meanwhile, is everything you'd expect from a modern action-focused game.

Elsewhere, we're also treated to new details of Torgal, protagonist Clive's trusty mutt. Torgal somehow survived the disaster that unfolds near the beginning of Final Fantasy 16, Square Enix reveals, joining up with Clive a decade later for the rest of the game.

Torgal kicks ass in combat, standing his ground against foes while also healing Clive in certain scenarios. You can command Torgal around the battlefield, and if you somehow time your orders right, the two of you can unleash devastating attacks together.

Elsewhere yesterday, the prestigious Final Fantasy 16 Collector's Edition was revealed. While it'll set you back a hefty $300, the fancy edition comes with a huge statue of Ifrit, a map of the in-game world, a steelbook and physical game disc, and set of pins representing the eight Eikons. That'll release alongside the main game on June 22, 2023.

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