Final Fantasy 16 Collector's Edition goes hard with a hefty price tag

Final Fantasy 16
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16's Collector's Edition is mighty impressive, but unfortunately it'll set you back by a whopping $300.

Yesterday at The Game Awards, Final Fantasy 16's release date was finally revealed for June 22, 2023. Alongside this reveal though, Square Enix unveiled the game's Collector's Edition, which you can see the via the trailer above, boasting all sorts of physical and in-game goodies.

Headlining the Collector's Edition is the big old statue of Ifrit, one of the supremely powerful Eikons in Final Fantasy 16. The gigantic summon appears to be battling a Phoenix-like creature, which protagonist Clive has been depicted as wielding in past key art for the game.

Next, there's a physical map for the fancy edition, depicting Final Fantasy 16's in-game world. There's also a set of eight pins, likely depicting all eight Eikon summons, as well as a steelbook and the physical game of Final Fantasy 16, the former of which has some sublime artwork from the developers at Square Enix.

Honestly, the entire Collector's Edition for Final Fantasy 16 looks pretty damn impressive. Perhaps it won't come as any huge surprise, then, that the price tag for the edition is equally large, coming in at $300. This will surely be a steep sell for plenty of Final Fantasy fans out there, but considering how beloved the franchise is, and how hyped-up this new release has been, is the price tag honestly any surprise?

Final Fantasy 16 launches next year on June 22, 2023, exclusively for PS5.

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