Final Fantasy 16 trailer reveals June release date

Final Fantasy
(Image credit: Sony)

Final Fantasy 16's release date has finally been revealed.

Earlier today on December 8 at The Game Awards, Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida took to the stage in LA to reveal the game's release date. We'll finally be playing the next mainline Final Fantasy game on June 22, 2023.

This all follows on from Final Fantasy 16's release date being pencilled in for Summer 2023. The release window was actually announced earlier this year in June, when Square Enix debuted a new story trailer for the action-RPG. Now though, we finally have a precise release date for the game after a little wait.

For anyone worried about Final Fantasy 16 potentially missing its new release date, there's little reason to worry. Back in April 2022, Yoshida revealed development of the game was into the "final stretches." Considering there was over a year until launch at that point, it stands to reason Final Fantasy 16 is well on its way to hitting its target release date.

Last month in November, Yoshida came under fire for giving a disappointing answer regarding diversity in Final Fantasy 16's main cast. Yoshida stated the game wasn't very ethnically diverse due to the setting taking after Medieval Europe, but fans quickly pointed out on social media that if Final Fantasy 16 featured gigantic magical monsters, it could surely feature people of color.

There's now less than a year to go until, after several long years of waiting and anticipation, Final Fantasy 16 is finally with us.

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